Chicago, CHA, Spraguefest, Here we come!

We are sitting in the airport getting ready to head to Chicago for CHA and the Craft SuperShow! I am so SO excited and nervous and freaking out, this is our first trade show as exhibitors (at the SuperShow). We have been working hard planning our booth, getting things shipped, organizing people and places and things, and the day is finally here!

We’re also holding our annual get-together, Spraguefest, from Saturday-Tuesday, if you live in Chicagoland, drop me an email!

I’ll be posting through the weekend with updates on what the booth looks like, the other activities, etc. But mostly I am nervous. Our booth is right across from the Michael’s booth at the consumer SuperShow, which is awesome. EEE!

Ok, off to get on de plane! See you when we land in Chicago! Illinois, here we come!