Ella-bration! Blog Tour, Wednesday

Well hello there! And welcome to my blog! You’re here, no doubt, so you can leave a little comment in this post and get a chance at one of TEN prizes I’m giving away today through Ella Publishing and their Most Influential Scrapbooker Award. Right?

Comments, Please!

So first off, please leave me a comment in the comments section to be entered into my random 10-prize drawing, which closes at midnight Eastern tonight - Wednesday. And, just so you don’t feel like a dork leaving a random comment, I will ask you a question to answer. :D The question:

What do you wish you knew how to do in Photoshop?

Fun and easy, and it’ll help me out as well. So post away, my dear, but don’t forget to keep reading for more goodness! :)

Wednesday Goodness

So I chose today to be my leg of the tour because I like Wednesdays.

Around JessicaSprague.com, we call it “One Buck Wednesday”, because well, we sell a bunch of stuff for a buck! Like my weekly Photoshop Friday tutorial, new digital product, new hybrid/printable products, and vintage goodness from our talented and delightful designers (check out the home page today for more details). Wednesday simply rocks.

And you know what? It rocks even harder today.

Because it’s FIVE BUCK Wednesday.

But you see, instead of me asking you for five bucks (you have enough people asking you for that, right?), how about I give YOU five bucks to spend at JessicaSprague.com however you like? A huge part of what I do is about SHOWING you how to do things, especially in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. And how better to show than to let you try some stuff out for free?

So here is the deal:

PLEASE feel free to pass the word! Obviously, you have to spend at least $5.00 to get the full benefit of this, cause we don’t keep spare digital change. :)

I might recommend:

Have a wonderful day, blog-hoppers! And please don’t forget to check out the blog of my fellow Wednesday MIS, the talented (and really, really sweet!) Maggie Holmes!

I’ll be posting every day this week with link-ups to the other blogs in the blog tour, and back asap with the final posts in the love-story I started a couple weeks ago. ;) Find out what happens to these two geeky lovebirds next time on another edition of “Do your glasses touch when you kiss?” or “How many electronic devices is too many for one household?” Ah. Love.


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