15 minutes. I can do it. :)

I have decided that despite what feels like the total whirlwind of my life, I really NEED to focus on a few things that are really important to me, and make sure those things get done, no matter what. That’s hard to do when there are meetings, prepping for the next day’s class (8-12 hours a day), driving back and forth to take people - and by people I mean Jared - and pick people up (which will be ENDING tomorrow! news on that in a second). But surely I can find 15 minutes to write in my blog? And the other really very few things that I feel are critical in a daily routine:

  • Family and personal prayer
  • Family and personal scripture reading
  • Tooth brushing

Life is one tremendous balancing act, isn’t it? I probably wouldn’t have it any other way, though - although maybe I would get a little more sleep if it WERE another way.

Today’s big news is that Jared’s license will be reinstated tomorrow. Praises! I have been shuttle and chauffeur for three months, and I will be more than happy to go back to sharing time behind the wheel. Lessons? Don’t let your tabs expire. And pay your tickets on time.

I bought a new tiny runaround camera - the Canon Powershot SD1400 IS - and put an Eye-Fi card in it. Now all my photos automatically download to our file server, AND upload to Flickr, and I don’t have to do anything. It is awesome! Has the quality of my photos gone down? Oh totally. But I find myself keeping a better record of my actual life as its going on, and for that I’m willing to sacrifice a bit. I’ll still be busting out the big cam (Nikon D300) for special events, but it is just too heavy to lug in my bag all the time.

So my Flickr account is getting MUCH better use these days, without any effort for me. Win win win, right? :D In fact, I snapped some shots of Elliott and Rowen and their sweet friend Cammie at his birthday party on Saturday.

All he wanted? To go to the planetarium with a friend. Cammie was his first choice, so we went and had a great time. Of course it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without ice cream, so we stopped at Cold Stone on the way home.

Cammie: Vanilla + Gummie Bears

Rowen: Vanilla + M&Ms

Elliott: Dark Chocolate + Gummie Bears

Coldstone!Here’s our sweet crew together - three peas in a pod! Elliott is getting so big, right? This guy (sporting a chocolate goatee)  turned 5 years old last week! I have photos of his family birthday party as well, but they are on my “big” camera, and I still need to pull the photos off.

I’m telling you, if you have a camera that uses SD memory, check out the Eye-fi card. It is awesome.

Other news..

I’m teaching a brand new free class starting June 28! It’s called Computer Tricks for Cards, and I think it’ll be an AWESOME hybrid take on cardmaking. And it’s free! I’ll have more info and links up soon - registration begins the 14th.