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I spent the weekend cracking out some much-delayed projects while my family went to the cabin and set up Ele’s new telescope he got for his birthday. I rarely get time at home by myself, so don’t tell anyone, but it was really fun to just hole up and focus on my backlog.

Unfortunately I woke up on Saturday morning with a migraine. Ugh. Ate watermelon, bread, took ibuprofen, excedrin migraine, threw up twice, took two one-hour naps, and finally started to feel it ease up about 3 p.m.

Fortunately, I then stayed up until 3 a.m. working. The night-owl in me has been showing lately in a big way, and I really feel like I need to reverse the trend. I say this at 12:34 a.m. on Tuesday morning, of course. I don’t even know when other people go to bed. When do YOU go to bed?

Tonight my sweet darlings of cuteness were extra-specially cute, and Elliott won the funny of the day when he came in from the backyard, wielding his kid-weight Swis Army Gadget - a green plastic casing with a flip-out magnifying glass, tiny scoop, and tweezers, and said, “Okay guys, I’m all scienced up!”


Totally made me think of this shirt I saw at ThinkGeek the other day:

Of course, if it were for me, I’d get this one:

Doesn’t fit Ele as well, though.

Craft Super Show - Chicago IL, July 29-30, 2010

Today Jenn and I finalized the plans for our booth at the consumer side of the CHA show, called the Craft SuperShow. I am SO excited. Think photo booth, hybrid pages, Epson printers. EE! If you are in Chicago or will be in Chicagoland the last weekend in July, definitely join us, ok? And wear your cutest shoes!

Spraguefest, Vol. 3

Also that weekend, of course, is our THIRD ANNUAL Spraguefest! What started in 2008 as an informal gathering of friends who’ve met at, has blossomed into.. an informal gathering of friends who’ve met at! LOL.

But seriously, we are ramping up the activities this year, including two walking photo tours, the awesome crop at the SuperShow, tons of great eats, lots and LOTS of laughter, a boat tour, a fab hotel location, shopping, more great eats, I’ll be teaching a free album class, and everyone will have a camera. :) It’ll be so cool. Best of all, the SpragueFest is totally free. : )

Oh yeah, and speaking of FREE!

FREE Class! Coming Right Up!

This class will be so much fun! We’ll explore cool ways to use your computer and your printer to create amazing one-of-a kind greetings. Beginners welcome! PLEASE, please, please tell your friends ok?

To register, just hit up this link:

Click here to read more and then register for the FREE Computer Tricks for Cards class!

So easy. So fun. So free.

Ok, want to hear about something else easy and fun and free?

Well, it’s our THIRD birthday at this month, and by golly, we are celebrating! Up this week is an amazing and fun BLOG HOP that will start right here on Friday the 18th at 10:00 p.m. Then I’ll link you up to the next blog, and the next, and so forth.

For a total of.. wait for it..


Heck yes, I can’t wait.

You’ll have until Sunday evening to collect all 33, unzip them and find the super-secret hidden quote strip inside each one. Put them together and provide the correct answer, and you’ll also win an EXTRA PRIZE.

I am all about the all-caps tonight. It was that one last Diet Mt. Dew I drank down. Hehe.

So check back, cause the fun all begins here on Friday night.