Roller Skates lined up for a mile at our local elementary school gym
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A couple of weeks ago, Rowen came downstairs and said she’d had the Best! Dream! Ever! I asked her what it was, and she said she dreamed that she was roller skating, and then (ok, I don’t remember what else, because she dreamed about roller skating, how cool! And yes, I have no attention span)…

So I immediately hopped online and got her some roller skates. The white kind with pink wheels. Not too expensive. She’s only been inside and out on the back patio so far - until Saturday. It happened that her elementary school fundraiser for January was postponed until this last weekend - an afternoon skating at the roller rink. Awesome.

So the four of us stopped at Jersey Mike’s for lunch (as we do at least once a week. they must put something in their bread to keep us coming back), then headed over to the skating rink. Ele got the smallest size they have, and I even managed to convince/force Jared to slip on some rollerblades. Rowen and I headed out. The rink was MUCH slipperier than our living room carpet, so she fell several times the first time around. But then she started to get the hang of it, and LOVED listening to the music, seeing all the people skating, and feeling the joy of learning something new. And me? Well, I think I had the most fun of anyone. I used to skate at the Rexburg roller rink all the time back in the late 80s/early 90s. To Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. And I would roll around and feel the rush of wind in my hair and sing along to the music as though my heart would burst

Could’ve been sooo beaaauutifulllll

Could’ve been so RIGHT!

I’ll never hold what could’ve been



Later on, in college, I got rollerblades and exercised outside during the summers. I stopped when I went on my mission and just never picked it back up again.

Then Saturday.

Slipped on the brown leather skates.

Tied up those crazy-long brown laces.

Stood up on the skates.

And started skate/walking across that industrial carpet toward the rink. I think every skating rink must be the same. Smells the same. Lit the same. Same music. Same disco ball. And wow.

Stepped on the rink. Wood, not concrete like my old one, but wow! What a flood of - not necessarily clear memories, just feelings. Rowen and I went around a few times together, and then she was doing great, so I sped up and did a couple of fast laps, and it was so awesome. How could I have forgotten so completely about something this cool? I was not the oldest “kid” out there, since it was a fundraiser for the school and all the parents were there, but I think I had the most fun, and I even showed Rowen how to boogie with her arms and hips to “Thriller” while she skated. She LOVED it. Which makes me happy in at least two different ways.

Elliott, meanwhile, wasn’t having quite so much fun. He ate floor a few times, got frustrated after half a lap, and refused to get back on the floor. So he and Jared played video games, and collected tickets for a prize.

Rowen and I are already planning on going back, and I’m looking into getting rollerblades again. It’s amazing to me the flood of goodness that came back to me by getting into those skates this weekend. Reliving childhood? Maybe. Singing loud to all the songs? Yep. But Lady Gaga instead of Tiffany. Did it matter that I’m 34 instead of 15? Not one bit. Apparently the skate rink is the great equalizer. As long as you stay up. ;)