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Spring Break Art.

Today was the first day of Rowen’s spring break - out of school for a week, and Ele out every day except tomorrow. So I busted out my watercolors and some brushes and we made art. We’ll probably make more. Here are some samples:

Solar System, by ElliottPretty much if you put a pen, or a marker, or a paintbrush in Ele’s hand, a solar system will come out. Today, no exception. He ALWAYS starts with the sun, and works his way outward. It’s my favorite that earth is blue and green, AND he’s begun leaving off Pluto, on account of it now being only a dwarf planet.

Speaking of, we had a very fine discussion over lunch at Firehouse Subs on Monday. I asked him about Pluto’s moon, and he said, “Pluto has lots of moons! Charon, Eris, Haiumea, Maki Maki…” And I said, well, Pluto only has Charon, but Eris and Haiumea and Maki Maki are also dwarf planets, just like Pluto is. And he asked me how many dwarf planets there are? I didn’t know, but I told him he could grow up and look through the big telescopes and discover a new one. He LOVED that idea. :)

So we got on the discussion of moons, and how many each planet has, and what the names of the largest of each is. I was looking up pictures and stats in Wikipedia on my iPhone as we went along. He recently began learning Neptune’s moons, and told me on the way in that Triton is the coldest place in the entire solar system. It was quite sophisticated conversation to have with a 4 year old with PBJ on his chin, and we did get a few curious (and frankly, kind of astounded) looks from people sitting near us. But this is what he wants to talk about, so sign me up! ;)

And Rowen’s art, getting increasingly complex but no less charming and wonderful:

She got sad when her green and orange merged together a bit, but I told her that real rainbows have colors that merge together at the edges, too, and she was great. Check out that grass, and the smiling faces, and the ever-present sunshine. There are ALWAYS at least two people in all of her artwork. Love it.

Ok, it’s late, and this proud mama needs bed. Probably more art tomorrow. Also, promised bouncing at the Jump Zone, and a visit to the ice cream shop. Take a little second tomorrow to have a mini-spring-break of your own, ok? Even those of us who (*sigh*) don’t really GET breaks, NEED ONE once in awhile. ;)


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