Art & Circles

So, after I posted my raving(?) review of Alice in Wonderland last night, I picked up the newest issue of Somerset Studio at A.C. Moore - I’ve been in a mixed media mood lately - and I realized that pretty much the whole issue is filled with Alice in Wonderland! It’s awesome! If you’re into the old-school style Alice illustrations & stamps, you’ll want to take a peek.

I bought this issue because I love the artwork of Kelly Rae Roberts. I have a print of hers, and recently bought her book, Taking Flight, which is really good - she shows some of the secrets behind how she makes her artwork, which I found so interesting:

And speaking of publications, I got my April 2010 issue of Real Simple magazine this week. It’s something I’ve subscribed to off and on through the years, but I’ve always loved its style. In fact, when I got the magazine and saw the cover, advertising that this was the 10th Anniversary Issue, I remembered with a shock, the very FIRST time I saw Real Simple magazine was in June of the year 2000, on my honeymoon in San Francisco. I clearly remember spotting it on the magazine rack at the checkout in the grocery store we stopped in, and thinking, wow, this is a different kind of magazine! I can’t even remember if I bought the issue then, but it started a decade-long love with the style and simplicity of RS. Love it. And it’s so cool that Jared and I will celebrate our 10-year anniversary this year, too! :)

Oh, and one more little tidbit: there’s a quote in the April 2010 issue from none other than Ms. Ali Edwards! Way cool! I was at the kids’ gymnastics class on Thursday night, thumbing through the pages, and her quote caught my eye, and I was like, “Hey! I know her!” LOL. Good thing the gym is a loud place - I am prone to random outbursts.

Lots and lots of things in my life are coming full circle lately - things I’ve experienced before coming back around again, not to haunt, but to bless, and it’s such a cool experience. Everything from thoughts to these seemingly random occurences are both familiar territory and new, too. In one part of the movie we watched at the planetarium today (see other post), they showed a fictional astronaut at the edge of a supermassive black hole. While to an outside viewer, she would seem to slow down and then to stop - gravity from the black hole being so strong that light, nor space, nor time itself could escape its warping effects. From her perspective, time would speed up, and she’d see the entire future unfolding. Space would also fold, so that she could see what should have been behind her, too. Mind-bending, and yet wow. A big part of me wishes I had more answers - to see behind and ahead and future and past. But the part of me that is here knows it’s not that simple, right? So much depends on so much else.  And there’s a human necessity in this start-to-finish swim-in-the-stream world in just stepping ahead in the darkness, in going with your gut and riding it out, good or bad. God grant us the courage to stay true, and to see those timely circles as they come back around.

Has anything in your life felt familiar lately? Something having come back around full-circle, or connected you to something else unexpectedly?