All the best people are.

‘You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret … all the best people are.’

-Alice, to the Mad Hatter

I will confess that we don’t get out to see those newfangled picture-shows too often. So when we do, it’s a carefully chosen, premeditated adventure that we are determined to have fun at, hell or high water. It has to be a pretty amazing show that we both really want to see to get us to call a sitter, get outside, into the car, actually TO the theater and inside without bailing at some point for either staying home or going to the bookstore (our usual date spot - somehow we almost ALWAYS end up there, it’s like the mothership).

That’s why we went all crazy and chose the 3-D version of Alice in Wonderland for our date tonight. The critics gave it something like a C+, which whatever, right? Critics rarely agree with Jared and I when it comes to fantasy movies. Except that one with Jeremy Irons and that dragon. What was that one? Terrible. Totally agreed with them there.

But this one! We have been waiting for this one since they announced it way over a year ago. And it totally delivered. My only real complaint, is that my 3-D glasses made the movie too dark to make out all the detail I wanted - the scenes were lucious, dramatic, curvy, creepy, and elaborate - everything you would expect from Master Burton, right? The Red Queen’s castle is totally my dream-house. Except maybe for the moat with the heads floating in it… Costumes were amazing, CGI-to-film was incredibly seamless, but the whole time I just wanted to take those blasted glasses off so I could see it. If I ever get out to that picture-show again, I’m gonna watch it in plain old regular glasses, and not those crazy glasses, dadgumit.

It had that delicious kind of subtle creepiness, that moroseness, that darkness that is classic Tim Burton, but safe, too, because it was PG. Ok, aside from the NO LESS THAN THREE TIMES that someone gets stabbed in the eye! What was that about? SQUICKY. And aside from the buttered fingers. Ew.

But everyone is really talking about Johnny Depp’s performance here - not only is he literally the most colorful character, he’s figuratively the most colorful one, too. The makeup and CGI were flawless, and yeah, for being someone so recognizable and frankly HAWT, he always does an amazing job of playing his role without being oh yeah, that dude that played that other guy in that other show… He was beautifully crazy, a just-right kind of crazy that made him adorable and endearing and a little vulnerable and also a little heroic, and dang it, did you just wish that he would come strolling up into Alice’s real life as she boarded that ship? FEZ!

Oh! And Crispin Glover! Haven’t seen that guy since his turn as George McFly, man! And of course his appearance in that Utah-filmed cult classic, Rubin & Ed, which in its way is far, FAR creepier than Alice could ever hope to be. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And the funny/ironic part of this whole evening? After the movie, we had about 45 minutes before going to pick up Jared’s mom at the airport (she’s here for a week for spring break), so we ended up (wait for it) at the bookstore. I’m telling you. The mothership.

So, hm. I’ll go to bed with images of Wonderland in my head - not the “VEEEERY Merry Un-Birthday” A-in-W that we remember from childhood, but the grownup one, a little darker and sadder and weirder, where it’s ok to have gone round the bend - after all, the best people are.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Next on our movie watching list is How to Train Your Dragon, which looks like it comes out next week. Hm. We have never gone to a movie TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. Not even two MONTHS in a row. We’ll have to see. Bookstore might just call us home instead that evening. ;)

Tomorrow is the planetarium, promised since Monday. We’ve never taken the kids, but have heard from at least 724 people that we MUST. And we agree. So tomorrow. I’ll bring home pics. :)