Yesterday Rowen got off the bus wearing a huge black construction paper leprechaun hat, bouncing up and down, with a smile that shone like the sun.

She ran over to the car and jumped in, and said, “Guess what! I am the star of the week!”

I didn’t know they had a star of the week, but anything that makes my leprechaun girl smile like that has to be awesome, right?

Turns out, each week her class features a different student, and her teacher sent home a note that it was Rowen’s turn. She asked us to send in 5 or 6 pictures for her spotlight poster, and told us that we could go eat lunch with our Star, too. :)

I got some photos together that I think represent Rowen and her personality, and printed them to send with her:

We told her we would come to her school to eat lunch with her today, and she was SO EXCITED. It was like, the coolest thing she could possibly imagine was having her parents come eat lunch with her at school. And from the bottom of her 6-year-old heart she thinks we’re amazing and great, and it feels really, really good. I’m humbled that I have (for however short a time) such influence over such a precious person.

So today, Jared worked from home so we could go eat lunch with our girlie. We picked up some lunch at Chick-Fil-a and went to her school, checked in, and got directions to her cafeteria.

She met us on the way in, and was SO EXCITED. She held each of our hands and led us in to her cafeteria, which was a linoleum-floored multi-purpose room with a little stage at one end. All visiting parents and their kid got to sit on the stage. I don’t think Rowen stopped bouncing in her seat the whole time. She just took turns hugging us, and telling us all about her class, her schedule, her teacher, and how GREAT it was that she could sit! on the stage! for the first! time! ever!

She held our hands again as we walked back to her classroom with her class, and she showed us her Star of the Week poster, where she had written that her favorite activity was swimming, and that she loved her mom (*snif*), and smelling flowers. And her 6 photos were taped there, too.

We relished it, delighting in her delight - because even though Jared and I are REALLY COOL PARENTS (ahem), I can imagine a day when she might not be quite as excited to have us roll up at school. ;)