A Day in the Life

7:30 a.m. Wake up, see if Rowen is getting dressed

8:05 a.m. Take Rowen to school

come home, shower, get ready

9:00 a.m. Take Elliott to preschool, Jared to work

10:00 a.m. Roll in to counseling JUST in time, spend an hour working on being present

11:00 a.m. Meeting with our new managing partner (more on this later!)

12:00 p.m. Go pick up Elliott (leave partner at the house)

12:15 p.m. Quick phone meeting about my new book

12:45 p.m. - 2:20 p.m. more meeting with managing partner while Elliott colors, plays a Backyardigans game on NickJr.com, and watches solar system videos on YouTube.

2:25: pick up Rowen, head to Wal-mart

2:35-3:45 Eat late lunch at the Wal-Mart McDonald’s (Elliott=super-happy, he loves cheeseburgers), and get some groceries (I know! I am as surprised as you are that I shopped at Wally); run groceries home

3:45: Leave to go get Jared from work

4:30 p.m. pick Jared up from work

6:00 p.m. arrive home after a stop at the bike store

6:00-7:30 p.m.:  Jared plays with the kids, feeds them dinner, and mama takes a break to go sit in a quiet room.

7:45 p.m. Bedtime for the kids

8:15 p.m. Marie Callander’s Pot Pie for dinner; answer emails and begin to make to-do list for “working day” tomorrow

9:00 p.m. Move down to the couch with laptop to watch some back-episodes of Lost with Jared.

Next three hours: Undecided. But peering into the foggy future, I see more Lost, speculation about what the “smoke monster” is, and maybe one of the St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes I picked up at the bakery. Also maybe a bath, maybe some painting, maybe read, definitely relish the evening. :)


So, this post brings up a few questions:

  1. Why am I taking Jared to and from work today?
  2. Who is the new Managing Partner at JessicaSprague.com?
  3. What IS that smoke monster?
  4. You’re writing a new book?


  1. Well, it’s like this. Jared got a ticket last year for not having his registration. And then he didn’t take care of the ticket, and got one of those suspension notices from the DMV. Then on Christmas night, CHRISTMAS NIGHT, after we had been without power for about 15 hours, Jared was driving to the airport to pick up my parents, and was stopped for going 45 in a 35. Also, they found out his license was suspended from his previous thing, and so now he got his license REALLY suspended. For 3 months. *sigh*
  2. More on this later, give me a few more weeks. :)
  3. Still have no clear idea on this one.
  4. Yes! Remember the class I taught in November of 2008, called Stories in Hand? It’s becoming a book! And it’ll be available for pre-order for Mother’s Day! I can’t WAIT!

Ok, more Lost! :D