Rowen's Writing, Elliott's Writing

Rowen’s Journal 3-14-10I bought the kids each a little wirebound notebook to have in the back of the car while we drove this weekend, and asked them to write their journal entries. Rowen is very familiar with journals, since she keeps one at school every day. She sounded out ALL the words for this one, which says, “We are going to a trail we have not been, that might have a stream at the end. We will have fun. I love to hike.”

I don’t know why, but of all the things this miraculous child does, her writing just gets me through the heart. It is so HER. So pure, and genuine and thoughtful.

I know that spelling and writing are very difficult, so it’s easy to see small changes as she develops the skills - look, today she remembered to put spaces between the words! And of course maybe it’s because spelling and writing are things that are close to my heart anyway (my undergraduate degree is in English) - I’ve always been so moved by stories and by the beauty and power of language.

Seeing my sweet newly 6-year-old progressing so much, creating these stories and poems and journal entries in her own handwriting is something I will treasure forever about this age she’s in.

And Elliott? Well, this guy is rocking the journaling in his own special way. He was asking us how to spell things for another page he was working on, but this one caught my eye, because it’s so HIM:

Elliott’s Journaled NebulaYeah, a nebula. He is usually drawing endless solar systems, so this one was a branch in a different direction, but he was so proud of how many stars there were in his nebula. I SO WISH I could fast-forward 20 years and see what this kid grows up to be. He’s amazing, I’ve never met a kid so into space as he is.

Speaking of which, there is an album called Rock’n’Learn Solar System, that I got from a teacher’s supply company for him for Christmas:

It is awesome. If you have a space-monkey at your house, even if they are 4 or 5 or 8 or 10, this CD is really good. Like, we listen to this in the car and sing along to the Neptune Tune, because you can’t help it. It’s like really nerdy space science set to a rockin’ beat. In fact, just TONIGHT Jared recorded Elliott singing to the first song on this album, Journey through the Solar System. Behold, the cuteness: