You know, 1.5 months is the longest break I’ve ever taken from blogging. It is a long time. Like, half of the whole first quarter of 2010, right? Now that the first of March is almost here, I thought I’d dive in here like it was the first of January and retry this thing.


So I bashed up my ankle about a month ago, and it’s just now starting to feel better. I can fit into shoes. I actually despaired there for awhile that all my money spent on cute shoes would be wasted, since half of them would never fit me again. But hooray! One month in, and many of the cute pairs fit again. I haven’t teetered onto the tallest ones yet, but here’s hoping there as well.

Have I gained a new appreciation for flats? A bit. Even bought a pair so I would have something to wear besides flip-flops. Which, while comfy in summertime, are a bit insane during freezing rain in January.

I feel pretty much back to my old self. Well, even better than my old self, because in addition to doing some resting on the ankle, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and even started going to therapy. Therapy=good. Talking to someone once a a week is like a little gift to myself of perspective and wisdom with the help of a great guide. It’s awesome.

Among the first things I learned. But didn’t learn, knew already but loved hearing it just for me was: go to bed. Get a bedtime and go. Finish everything and schedule your life so that you just turn it off at 11. Sleep is not a luxury. Also, no caffeine after 5 p.m.

So I’ve been doing my best, in between the requisite late nights with recording the Wacom class, but I know it has helped. And oh! look at the time. ;) I’ll finish more on these thoughts tomorrow.


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