Happy, Merry!

Wow, the entire month of December slipped on by without a single blog entry. Most of it was spent nursing people, including myself, back to health after a variety of interesting illnesses. Also finishing up classes, and whatever else that I can’t remember because I didn’t write it down. Blah. So this is me starting again. Again.

First off, Christmas was awesome. The kids let us sleep in until 7:30 - something that I think never happened in my house growing up until the last kid was 15. But that didn’t mean they weren’t excited, oh no. We opened presents, ate breakfast burritos, opened more presents, watched some Christmas shows, ate homemade beef stew, and colored and baked the kids’ new Shrinky Dinks (yeah!). I ate a ridiculous amount of chocolate out of my stocking, and took photos, and I’m blogging on my NEW LAPPY - Santa was indeed good to me this year. :)

This morning we woke up to about 5 inches of snow. You read that right. This is the biggest snowstorm we’ve had since we’ve lived here, and for only the second time in my ENTIRE LIFE (that is a LOT of Sundays), church was canceled. Now the funny part is that we can see the church from our house. So clearly the cancelation wasn’t just for us - but given that we aren’t the only ones around here who don’t even own a snow shovel (wait til the next day and the dusting of snow will melt off, right?), I’m sure it was needed. But I missed a Christmas church this year. There’s nothing like the Christmas hymns.

In fact, last week was the first Christmas ever that I was able to play some of the simplified hymns on our keyboard - my kids were singing along - their sweet voices actually reaching the high notes in Silent Night as I played, and yeah, my mom was right - practicing piano is worth it.

Jared surprised me a few weeks ago by telling me that he wanted an electric guitar for Christmas. How cool! So he’s downstairs jamming on his new guitar. It is so awesome to have music in our house!

As for the kids, Elliott’s big present was a surprise request: a microscope. I ordered him this one:

It’s called the My First Lab Duo-Scope, since it lights from below to look at things on slides, and lights from above to look down on things like bugs, leaves, flowers, etc. I also got a set of extra slides. He LOVED looking through it today - sampling paintbrush bristles, cat hair, etc. It’s so cool to see him expanding into other areas of science (although he did get a couple new space items, of course), work on new science vocabulary, and let us learn alongside him. :)

Rowen’s wish list was short: books, art supplies, crafting kits, and an Angry Birds plush toy. Talk about a girl after my own heart! She got new chapter books including Ramona the Pest, the Magic Kitten series, plus her own sets of cardstock, new stickers, new markers, etc. Total little-girl heaven. The only one that didn’t arrive in time is the Angry Birds toy - hoping that gets here soon. :)

We had a wonderful, quiet family Christmas yesterday and today, and it was the best. I hope yours was awesome as well. :)

Oh, and speaking of my little 6-almost-7 reader girl, what books would you recommend?

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