Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

I love that there’s an official name for the Monday after Thanksgiving, when everyone’s back at work spending the day online shopping. ;) For us pretty much every day is Cyber, since so much of our work is on the computer. Jared is now working full time for and our other sites, so it is a fun adventure to be working together in marriage, in life, in parenthood, and in work.

Thanksgiving weekend pretty much rocked. Thursday we went out to Maggiano’s, which on Thanksgiving day serves traditional Turkey/gravy/stuffing/sweet potatoes/magic and it was awesome. It was fun to dress up and go out and get stuffed and still bring some leftovers home. I snapped some pics with Jared’s Hipstamatic iphone app:


Asking the kids what they are grateful for is a fun tradition: this year space made the list for Elliott (no surprise) and toys - her kittens in particular - made Rowen’s list. But mommy and daddy and Heavenly Father were the top 3 for both of them. *snif*

I was also super grateful for the incredible chocolate cake and apple crostada they served for dessert. MMMM. Also, the nap I got when we got home. :D

Friday we dropped the kids off at the bouncy house and Jared and I went to see the matinee of Harry Potter #7. SO GOOD. We have read the books, listened to the audio books, and seen all the movies as huge HP fans, and #7.1 was really, really good.

Saturday we went to pick up a new Christmas tree. Our old (fake) tree was 8 years old, 6 ft. tall with bottle-brush limbs and half of the lights burned out. Our new (also fake) tree is 7 feet tall, with more realistic bottle-brush limbs and all the lights working. Now we just need to decorate it, which we’ll do tonight for family night.

I’ve been reading through the responses to the character survey (in the post below), and mostly I’ve discovered that your strengths make me want to know you in real life. What incredible human beings you are, with such diversity of talent and strength - I think our top 5 strengths really give a clue into who we really are as people, and I LOVE THAT. I wish I could meet you all in real life. :)

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