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Family History Album Class - the backstory.

So a few months ago I offered a class on restoring vintage photos in Photoshop. We had a great response to the class, and it was suggested that I follow up with a Heritage album to put all our newly restored photos in. Great idea, I thought!

So I began the process of developing a Family History album class. Wow. Talk about biting off more than I can chew, right? Turns out that what was needed was way more than a simple album full of templates, but a full-blown How-To class for digitizing, organizing, planning for, and recording our own heritage, and I struggled with where to even START with something like that.

So I started basic. What did I know? What could I find out? How could I make an album flexible but useful? How could I make a class that helped make the process easy and fun?

The result of all my research and experimentation is my newest class: Family History 1. We’re going to start with organization first, an talk about strategies for digitizing and organizing documents, photos, stories, and memorabilia. This is the best place to start. Then we’ll use some of our items in our first-in-a-series album, an overview of those closest to us: parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. This lovely 20-page album is destined to be a great keepsake, and I can’t WAIT to see the amazing photos we’ve all got, and read the stories of our loved ones whose legacy we have inherited.

Here’s one of my 2-page spreads from the album we’ll be making:

Click for a Larger ImageThese are my great-grandparents, Bertha and John Butler. Aren’t they awesome? And without this class, I wouldn’t have these pages.

On a side-note re: gathering stuff: Last week I joined Ancestry.com, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience there, researching, gathering photos, downloading stories, sharing some of my own. It’s amazing, and a real complement to the class experience I’m developing. I totally suggest going there.

I’m hoping that the Family History Album class will make the research, organization, and recording process MUCH less intimidating. I hope to see you in class! :)

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