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Loud & Clear.

Did you ever have one of those times when your mom said, “If you do this, you will regret it.”? I quit piano lessons when I was 12 years old. I had only taken piano for a couple of years, refused to practice, didn’t take it seriously, so I decided that I would just quit.

My mom looked me in the eye with that penetrating gaze and said, with what I now see as the voice of experience, “If you quit piano, you will regret it.”

And you know when a mama says something with the Voice of Experience and the Penetrating Gaze, it will come true like a spell she lays on you. Having only a 5 and a 6 year old, I haven’t had the opportunity to bust out these two tools, but I look forward to the day with relish and I’ve been practicing in the mirror. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU WILL REGRET IT. DO NOT GO OUT WITH THIS LAME PERSON, YOU WILL REGRET IT. DO NOT EVER TRY APPLES DIPPED IN KETCHUP. YOU.WILL.REGRET.IT. Voice of Experience there.

Time went on, and with missionary work, starting my own family, and a real desire to have music in my home that I can play with my hands, my mama’s words have come back, and I have regretted it. Thanks for that, mom. Worked like a charm - like the spell that it was.

So two weeks ago, I started piano lessons. I can play “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie” with fervor, and can bang out a fairly decent rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In” and I’ve been practicing. It’s hard - my books are called “Piano for the Older Beginner” which just makes me sigh. But this is something I have wanted to do - have regretted quitting - for years.

Rather than buying an upright piano, we decided to go with a digital piano, which not only has weighted keys, but has hundreds of different settings to play with, a built-in metronome, and it can even plug in to our computer. He he. So this little beauty from Yamaha is sitting proudly in our living room now:

Someday I will be able to play things I’m proud of. Right now I feel like I’m learning a foreign language. If you (possibly even because of me, haha) have ever felt this way about Photoshop, I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR. It is hard. But just like Photoshop, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think it would be worth it. :)

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