Weekend Recap, Cabin & Grandparents

So last Wednesday my parents came into town from Idaho. We haven’t seen them since they were here for Christmas, and probably won’t be able to see them until spring or summer next year. It’s hard to live far away from Grandma and Grandpa. :\

But we had a great time. A seriously GREAT time. We packed our three days (Wed was mostly travel, as was Sun) full with playing and sightseeing and cooking and storytelling and laughing and enjoying each others’ company.

Thursday we headed up Grandfather mountain, but the winds were too high to walk on the Mile-High swinging bridge. So we spent time wandering among the animal enclosures (bears! otters! cougars!), and snacked on some really, really good fudge. :)

On Friday my mom and I went to an awesome, very cool antique store. Bought a side-table made from a butter churn. And some way-cool vintage books. Friday afternoon we went horseback riding - my mom grew up on a farm and hasn’t ridden since she was in her early teens (my dad being .. let’s just say .. averse to horseback riding). Rowen got her own horse - attached with a lead to the guide’s horse, and Elliott and I rode a hairy-footed giant named Charlie, and my mom got a black beauty named Tootsie. We walked a beautiful winding trail up through the hilly country and got some spectacular views of the Blue Ridge mountains in fall - incredible.

My favorite evening was Saturday night, when we put the kids to bed and sat for 2 hours hearing stories about my parents’ childhoods, and mostly about their parents and grandparents. Teaching this Family History Album class and joining Ancestry.com has sparked an interest for me in learning what I can about where I came from, and about these people who I’m the composite of. It was a fascinating, hilarious, touching, incredible evening, and I feel so connected to my larger family. Now I’m out for photos and the chance to write down some of what I learned.

In other news, the incredible Heidi Swapp and I are going to be team-teaching a hybrid class in February! There’s more info coming soon, I can’t wait!

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