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Hello there!

Well hello there, internets!

It’s nice to be back here, with the typing, and the reminiscing, and the yadda yadda. I’ve missed it. I’ve even thought, several times, man I need to write that down. I think this is a habit that it’s worth having, and easy to slip out of.

Then the last two weeks of December, and the first week of January happened, and here we are. At the bottom of the slide with a bump.

A few highlights:

  • We spent 12 days at the cabin, hosting the holidays for my parents, my sister, and my brother and his family. Overall it was awesome.
  • Less awesome, and MUCH more frightening was the massive ice storm that hit in the middle of the night of Christmas Eve. There was so much ice and wind, we could hear tree limbs cracking and falling all around the house. So we got up to bring the kids down to the lower level of the house.
  • Also, there was no power. For two days.
  • So we opened our presents huddled around the gas fireplace, and pretty much stayed there until the next day.
  • Power came back on in the late afternoon of the 26th, and we finally got everyone there (delayed from the storm) by the night of the 26th.
  • Jared started getting sick on New Year’s Eve, and it got worse and worse - turns out he has pneumonia.
  • I started getting sick on Monday, and I’m hitting up the Dr. tomorrow, possibly for the same of whatever he gave Jared, which seems to be working for him. That and lots of sleeping. Which reminds me that it’s almost midnight, and I don’t feel good.
  • I don’t feel good.
  • I don’t feel good, and so if you are waiting for something from me, I will probably be working on it in the next few days.

I will stop with the bullets, and also, I will be back tomorrow with a little something fancy. :)

A few more notes. Dang it. Here are the bullets again.

  • Have you seen iTunes U? You can take college classes in iTunes! I downloaded a beginner level philosophy class today, and I’m only a little bit ashamed that it was mainly because it’s a professor from Oxford with a really lovely British accent. But I can’t wait to learn more about Philosophy, too!
  • My Photoshop Phriday tutorials have returned! Check the one I did today, which first appeared in the January 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes.

And now seriously. Need bed.

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