Adding injury to illness

So today - so proud of myself - I went and got my new driver’s license. I even showered AND shaved my legs (this will be important later), and put on makeup for the pic. I remember the days of putting on makeup every day. Lately, days have been running together.

So Elliott and I went down to the DMV and woot! Got the new license. Then off to the bookstore to reward him for being so good at the DMV. Stop off at Taco Bell (this becomes important later, too) about 2 p.m. to grab myself a bite (Ele had already eaten lunch at home). Drop our bag, I send out a few emails, and then it’s time to run down to the end of the street to pick Rowen up from her bus stop.

I was feeling really good. Feeling energy I hadn’t felt in a couple of weeks - clearly the meds are working! So I break into a run down the hill. A full run, chasing Ele to the corner, and I must have put my foot down wrong. I twisted off of it and hit pavement.

Now normally I would totally get up and walk away, pretending like I didn’t just nosedive in the middle of the sidewalk, but this HURT. WOW. It took my breath away, and I laid there on my stomach for awhile just figuring myself out again. I rolled over to sitting and tried to catch my breath, my foot and ankle were in fiery pain on the left side. I sat for a couple of minutes, and took my shoe off, and we limped on down to get Rowen.

I then limped all the way back up to the house - maybe 100 yards? But had to stop a few times to keep myself from throwing up for the pain. Got home. Got my phone, and called Jared. By the time he got home, my ankle was swollen all along the left side, and twisted inward, and it was so painful. I have had ankle sprains before, but nothing close to how much this hurt, and the swelling was really weird in one spot, so I decided to go in and get it x-rayed.

Well, tonight was Rowen’s very first day at her new gymnastics school, and she couldn’t miss that. So Jared dropped me off at the ER and went to gymnastics.

I told the doctor that I rolled over my left ankle, and had hit my right knee, scraping it on the ground. I showed her, and she said, “Well, you’ve earned yourself a tetanus shot.” Wha? Which is funny, because my last tetanus shot was 12 years ago, when I flew off my bike in Ann Arbor, Michigan on my mission, and broke both of my elbows. I remember laying there in the ER (with two broken bones) and the doctor looked at my scraped hands and said, “Well, you’ve earned yourself a tetanus shot.” So clearly accidents and bones and ER visits have a tetanus shot theme for me. So I got a tetanus shot.

They took x-rays, and also gave me a very nice pill for pain, which worked to numb the pain a bit, and also to make it so I didn’t care very much about the pain either, which is I think what it is supposed to do. Also, I’m glad I had eaten just a couple of hours before, instead of skipping like I usually do. Pain meds on an empty stomach are the worst.

Turns out the ankle isn’t broken. Good. But the doctor came back in and said that based on the way my foot was laying, and the swelling on the outside, that it is badly sprained. So she said they’d put a fiberglass splint on it, and I have to stay off of it completely for a week, and then go lightly for another week to 10 days.

So they put the splint on, and I cared very much about the pain for about 10 minutes while she worked. Wow. I need a better happy place to go to. Also, they gave me crutches. First narcotics, then crutches, and then they asked me to practice with them right there. Nice. But I guess I passed the crutch test, because they released me. Then my friend Heather came to get me, since Jared was still at gymnastics. So I came hopping in, climbed in bed, and I’ve been watching a few episodes of Better off Ted on Hulu.

Can you believe it? From bronchitis to a sprained ankle in the blink of an eye. Or the strain of a ligament. I’m heading to CHA next week, which is the Craft and Hobby Association industry trade show, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk without the crutches by then. I’ll post a pic of my lovely new wearable art piece tomorrow. I’m lucky I’ll only have it for a week. :)

Is there a lesson here? Did I take a wrong turn at Walking Disasterville and not know? Or is my little string of luck simply to show me how grateful I can be for a body that almost totally works almost all of the time?

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