Some Christmas pics, & Etc.

Ok, so I finally got my holiday photos onto the computer, and I must say, I’m pretty proud of some of these pictures! Because of the snow, we ended up not getting up to the cabin until the evening of the 23rd, so we went tree-hunting on Christmas Eve. Luckily for us, western North Carolina is one of the BEST places to find trees - it’s filled with Christmas tree farms! Hundreds upon hundreds of acres of them. We wanted to do a “Choose and Cut” this year, but we thought it was too late to head out with all the other things we had to get ready for my family to come on Christmas Day (flights are WAY cheaper, so everyone planned to come on the 25th). We headed down to a landscaping company and found a GREAT tree just for us!

Little did I know that during my happy little photo session by the tree and the fire that I was mere HOURS away from losing power for the next two days. Notice that there aren’t any actual Christmas morning pictures? That the whole thing kind of ends on that happy Christmas Eve?

We woke up at 4 a.m. on Christmas Day to the sound of the smoke alarm beeping, and I say (brilliantly): “Why is the smoke alarm beeping?” So Jared went out to see what was up. He came back in with that panicked edge to his voice he sometimes gets, and said, “Babe, the power is out. And there’s a huge storm outside.” Then I started to wake up a little, and I could hear the sounds of crashing trees. Literally, all around the house. All I remember about the next bit is the sound of the wind, and the crashing limbs.

We actually went and woke the kids up, and moved them down to the basement - their room is on the 2nd floor, and has trees on two sides of it, and with the wind, the ice, and the crashing branches, it was too scary. So we all went downstairs, lit the fire, and tried to get some more sleep. I spent most of Christmas Day trying to get in touch with my parents and my brother and my sister, who were all arriving by plane - and also moving food from the fridge outside to try to save it, since I had (ahem, yes, I rock) purchased food for 10 people for an entire week and really didn’t want to lose all that effort. Aside from that, I was seriously paralyzed. In limbo. And also cold. It didn’t end up getting below 50 degrees in the house, so I should whine TOO much, right?

My brother ended up delayed in DC overnight, but my parents and sister made it into Charlotte, and were able to drive to Boone, where we got a hotel for them, hoping the power would come back on. So we spent Christmas night in the cold and dark, and drove back up to Boone on the morning of the 26th to pick up my parents and Julie. As we drove around, it was CRAZY how much damage the ice had done. All the branches were coated in ice, and the weight of it tore limbs, even entire trees down. But we decided to wait it out, assuming that the power would be back on, and sure enough! About 5 p.m., Jared was like, why is the fan in the powder room on? OH MY GOSH WE HAVE POWER!!

Then we did what we probably shouldn’t have done in the wake of just having power back on - we turned up the heat and turned on ALL THE LIGHTS, and I stood in the living room and cried. I’ve never been so happy to be able to open my fridge and have it be colder in there than in the living room.

We all ended up safe and THERE by the night of the 26th, and we had a great week together, cooking, playing games, hanging out. It was really, really good. And eventually the hilarious Christmas With No Power will be one of those stories we all sit around and laugh about.

Eventually. Not now. I blame that as the reason I only have maybe 10 photos that I took during the next 7 days, partly because I was still in shock and kind of paralyzed, and also (she whispers) because I am a loser and brought an almost-dead camera battery.

I’m really hoping that we’re past the sickness here, too. So all can get back to (ahem) normal. :) Seems like December, wow. Was really fun, and a whirlwind, but I could use a little normal.

We are heading to see Avatar in 3-D on the IMAX on Wednesday! YAHOO! Have you seen it? Love it? Worth it? I had to sell a kidney to get tickets, both for the price and to get them at all. But this is one Jared has wanted to see (and that he HAD to see in 3-D, and at the IMAX), and I will take a date with my honey anytime! :)

Speaking of which, we are 10(!) this year, and we are thinking of taking a week-long vacay in June, just us. Somewhere exotic slash out of the country. Somewhere with history, culture, that we could explore, learn, take pictures, and also EAT. ;) Top of our list right now: Hawaii, Spain, the UK (England/Scotland), Italy. Suggestions?

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