Little Ordinary Joy.


I felt like today was absolutely PACKED with little joys. It was crazy- from the taste of the sandwich (thanks, Jersey Mike’s!) I had for lunch, to the story I was listening to on NPR, even sitting in the driveway for a few minutes to finish it. It was amazing - the story of a Jamaican poet who interviewed HIV/AIDS patients and created an exhibit about their stories. It was so beautiful, and I highly recommend a listen. You can find it here. And listen to it on itunes here.

After the sitter left and my workday ended, the kids and I had a pool party in the backyard. We were joined for much of it by our small Jungle Stalker, Level 1. I was practicing with my focus points and my Tamron 28-70mm f/2.8 lens, and by heck, I think I got it! A few times! Hehe. I love good pic days.

Here are some:

I must say, these make my mama heart sing. I am so, SO blessed to have small people in my life who love me unconditionally. They show me about lighthearted living, unrestrained ideas, and the therapy - the universal cure for tightly-wound adulthood - that laughter is.


I might point out that just behind that flying supergirl is where my new fountain/bench will go. Lots of my sweat on the ground back there in the corner under those trees…

And here’s the Jungle Stalker, who loves being outside with us, exploring the grass! Jane is a timid cat, loving to stay on the porch steps, but Cassie loves roving, chasing her tail, diving into the grass, and generally killing me with cuteness. Also, I laid on the ground to get these, which I only do in special circumstances. :)

We grilled (JARED grilled, I should say) hamburgers, and popped popcorn and watched our favorite family cartoon: Phineas and Ferb on Disney On Demand.

On the way upstairs to put kids to bed, I spotted this sweet little lady asleep - on my purse. No apologies from Miss Cass! She obviously comes from the “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine” school of thought.

Come to think of it, EVERY cat belongs to that school of thought. There’s something in their fur and their purr and their LOOK - like this one she is giving the camera right up there that is total brainwash.

Excuse me, I feel this compelling need to go fill  a food bowl…