Today while we were working in the yard, I heard Rowen and Elliott discussing gathering “wands” - small twigs - from around the yard. I overhear Rowen tell him, “Okay, Elliott, with THIS one, you can turn me into a lemon-yellow-marker-haired princess with pearl blue eyes, and a hearted crown aaaand dressed all in pink, all the way down.”

Girl knows what she wants. Especially Lemon Yellow Marker colored hair. LOL!

Yesterday, she busted out this front flip on the couch, fearless girl, and sat there where she’d landed and said, “See mama? I can do an air-sault! It’s a sumersault, but in the AIR.”

Also, I have managed to get poison ivy on my other wrist, and must have been sweaty too, because I have three small patches on my FACE. The ones on my wrist itch like a motherbear, but the ones on my face are the hardest to deal with, looking like three big zits as they do. Sob. Ah, vanity. Also, benadryl at night so I don’t itch myself to death in my sleep.

I swear I have been wearing garden gloves. I swear! Probably all the times except one, and I’m sure it was me reaching under some bush somewhere in our yard, and brushing the wrist against it. It would also appear that I’m more allergic than usual to poison ivy, since it looks like a big puffy blistery chemical burn. At least the one on the other wrist has faded to a pinkish scar, and I get the lesson - always wear garden gloves! I am a slow learner sometimes…

Also, it has rained every afternoon for over a week here, with steady humidity in the 90% - I went outside about 8:30 this evening to get in the car, and my glasses fogged up. Three years in, and this is something I’m still struggling to get used to.

Okay, as promised. Pics of cat and tomato:

She runs and runs and climbs and jumps and chases her tail, and then finds somewhere, anywhere soft, and plops down for a nap. I snapped her on a pillow in one of the chairs in the living room. What’s weird is how fast she is growing! I left for 4 days, and I came home and she was noticeably bigger.

She’s a ball of curiosity whenever she’s awake, especially loving to see what’s UP:

And here is a shot of the Tomato. Actually that should be TOMATO, because it’s the first thing I’ve ever actually grown that I could actually eat (aside from the herbs, of course, which we’ve been enjoying like crazy), that Grew! In my yard! Without further ado, the TOMATO.