Welcome to my blog! I write, and take photos, and use Photoshop every day. I love learning and surprises and my sweet family and being a transplanted southerner.


Dang it. I find myself needing more time for recaps, and not finding it.

I had forgotten how much time it takes to teach an instructor-led class. But the Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects class seems to be going great! We’ve got a huge class this time, and we’re so excited to have lots and LOTS of people involved who are brand-new to Photoshop and deciding to take the plunge! :D

Here are some of my pics from the lessons:

If you missed the signup, don’t worry - I’ll actually be offering this as a self-paced class, both by itself and bundled with my Photo Editing: Good-to-Great Workflow class later this summer. :)

Let’s seee… oh. The 4th of July.

Was awesome. We left Thursday afternoon for the cabin, and spent Friday/Saturday/Sunday there. Friday, we went up to Grandfather Mountain. Right there at the base of the mountain is this teeny town called Linville, and we stumbled on a little general store that had incredible barbeque, and what is hands-down the best apple dessert I’ve ever eaten. They called it an apple dumpling. But it was like a little rustic tart - a folded little package of apple magic with a salty-dense crust and this AMAZING cinnamon-caramel sauce. Served hot, with vanilla ice cream, on a red plastic plate.

And if that weren’t the PINNACLE of blue-ridge heaven, as we sat there, in walk these three young guys with instruments, and played bluegrass music, right there for us. It’s a great little group called the Major Sevens, and they played guitar, fiddle, and banjo. We bought their CD and listened to it in the car for pretty much the entire rest of the weekend.

So on up Grandfather Mountain, and Rowen and I held hands across the mile-high swinging bridge. It’s the highest swinging suspension bridge in the world. Stretching over an 80-foot gorge at the top of a mile-high mountain. And people actually walk on it. First off, I thought my little 40-pound girl was going to get blown over the side. And yeah, the bridge really DID swing. I was freaking out on the inside, but was trying to be brave for Rowen. Of course Ele and Jared loved it, and trotted across like two Billy Goats Gruff. I was just glad to make it down off that dang thing in one piece. But I did manage, of course, to snap a couple of pictures. ;)

Saturday was the 4th, of course. We went to a little small-town festival in Banner Elk, just a few miles from the cabin. They have a park with a creek in it, so we watched rubber duck races, and the kids played in the creek between races.

We headed back to the cabin for a rest, and ended up just following people to the grounds of the Grandfather Country Club to throw down a blanket for the fireworks. We saw TWO fireworks shows - one there at the Club, and the other across the valley at Linville Ridge. I love, LOVE fireworks. This weekend was one of those magic weekends that will bring a secret smile to my face every time I think about it, forever.

I love the opportunity to deliberately go, get away, spend time with my family. I know it doesn’t require a 3-hour drive to do those things, but being physically away from our normal environment just causes my little family to get closer. I love it.

Okay, and it seems as though Lightroom isn’t liking my photos just now. I won’t panic just yet, but I also won’t be posting photos. LOL.

We are leaving tomorrow for another weekend away - but only Friday to Saturday. We’re going to see the Highland Games! Jared got fitted for his kilt last week, so he’ll miss dressing for the Games this year, but he’ll be in full Highland regalia next year for sure. I love me a man in a kilt. ;)

And I hope to be back with photos as soon as I can figure out my Lightroom issue. Ah. Technology. The ultimate curse of a blessing. :)

Welcome, Cass.

Thanks, and ready for a long weekend!