Welcome to my blog! I write, and take photos, and use Photoshop every day. I love learning and surprises and my sweet family and being a transplanted southerner.

Sum ups

Here I go with the bullet points again - time just slips away from me. LOL

  • I’m leaving tomorrow for the Creative Photography Retreat in Dallas. Which can’t be hotter than it is here, right? Burning CDs, thinking about laundry (still at the thinking stage)
  • We have about 15 tomatoes on our three tomato plants, ranging from barely-there to one that fits nicely in my palm. Looking forward to fresh tomatoes in a few weeks, and I truly can’t believe that I GREW SOMETHING! That GREW! Seriously.
  • Trying to make it through the heat of the summer - the worst time of year here. The phrase “sun beating down” has taken on new meaning since moving here. Right now, escaping means the kids downstairs watching Sword in the Stone and drinking Crystal Light fruit punch on ice. :)
  • Last year, way at the end of the season, I bought this runty little peach tree from Lowe’s garden center on clearance. I thought it was cute - it looks a little Seussian - but I never expected it to actually GROW any peaches, at least not for a few years. The thing is maybe 3 feet tall with all its leaves on, but it surprised us by growing TWO beautiful, perfect peaches! The birds got one. But a couple weeks ago, we picked the other, and cut it into tiny quarters for each person in the family. It was so delicious, so puckeringly jucily amazing, I think I cried a little bit.
  • We’ve been grilling quite a bit, but we’re looking for more recipes - do you have a favorite grilling cookbook?

Ok, more later. Apparently Sword in the Stone isn’t quite as riveting as I had hoped it would be…

There and Back, and Sidewalk Paint

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