Welcome, Cass.

So, on the way home this weekend, we were all talking about possibly adding a member of the family. Jared has taken the kids to see the kittens at the pet store, and well, after checking Craigslist today, we drove to Durham to pick out a kitten from a litter of 6.

We debated her name on the way home, and suddenly Elliott said, “Cassiopeia!” Of course he would pick a constellation (ha!), but then Rowen said, “Cassie!” And I said, “Cass!” and there we had it.

She’s a 7 week old grey and white striped tabby, and she climbed into my lap and promptly fell asleep in my hand. Already she’s a snuggler, and I am pretty smitten by her.

We are taking the introduction to Jane slowly, having freaked ourselves out online about introductions of a kitten to a resident cat. Jane stayed warily across the room for most of it, and hissed a couple of times, but that’s it. Cass is staying in a separate room tonight, and we’re hoping that Jane just eventually accepts her as part of the family.

We’ve toyed with the idea of getting a second cat. The kids were SO excited. I am not sure if I’m ready for the transition to a two-pet family, so we’ll see. But the fact that she just LOVED on me, sure melts my heart to pieces. :)

Any advice? Have you introduced a kitten to a resident cat? What worked, didn’t work? Jane is a pretty laid-back cat, so we are really hoping. :)