We got back last night from another weekend in the NC mountains. The drive of 3.5 hours is just right for a weekend getaway. And we’ve been spending so much time in that part of the state because we’ve been looking for a little place we could purchase for a weekend getaway. :) We closed on the 12th of June, and slept that night in a completely empty little cabin near Boone. It’ll take awhile to finish everything, but it’s totally fun embarking on a new adventure, spending time together in the mountains.

Just at the base of the hill where the cabin is, we discovered a community park, right across the street, and we climbed down the rocks and put our feet in the Watauga river. It was awesome! The water was really cold, but the river is very shallow right there, so the kids were able to walk around in the water. I went back to the car to grab the kids a change of clothes and get sunscreen, and … hmmm…

that’s funny…

the car door won’t open…

I remembered pushing the lock button on the door before getting out, but I also remembered that I had left my bag (where the key was - we have one of those remote ignition things) on the floor of the passenger seat. Shading my eyes, I could SEE the key peeking out of the pocket in my bag - so close, and yet so far away… isn’t locking yourself out the worst feeling? The backup plans begin to roll through your head - how do I get out of this? What do I do first? Since we were in the mountains, we had only the one car key (WHICH, have I mentioned, I could SEE through the window, ARG.), and we were about 4 miles from the cabin anyway. No cab service, a cell phone with 1/4 of its battery left - this should be one of those personality quizzes like the “what would you do if you were stranded on a desert island?”

But I guess if I had to pick a place to lock us out, a beautiful sunny mountain park with a river running through it is probably as good as it gets, right? :) And it turned our hour-long, pre-lunch adventure into a three-hour extravaganza while we waited for the locksmith to come and prayed that Jared’s cell phone battery wouldn’t die before he found us. He did, and it didn’t. But it was close.

We had a whole day planned, but decided instead to grab some lunch and head back up to the cabin for a rest after so long running and splashing and sunning. I have a massive sunburn on the back of my neck as a souvenir today, and as a reminder to BRING MY KEY WITH ME when I decide the car door needs lockin’. Hehe.

We also ate some really, REALLY good southern barbeque at a place called Pappy’s. WOW. See, normally (maybe because of Better off Dead), I would avoid a place with an actual pig smiling at me from the logo. But I think my life will never be the same again after that smoked pork. Are you from Carolina? Do you favor the vinegar-based sauce? I didn’t even know this existed til we moved here. “Barbeque sauce” was that thick goopy mesquite-y stuff you bought at the grocery store, that had cow horns or something on the label. But THIS. Delicious. And the slaw. Love me some slaw. Especially since I can say “slaw” here because it’s a one-word word instead of “cole slaw” like it is in the west. Like there is another kind of slaw? I don’t know. But wow. We are totally heading back for the 4th of July weekend, and you KNOW I am going to get me some barbeque from Pappy’s.

Do you have plans for the 4th of July weekend?