TWO baby tomatoes growing on my tomato plants in the backyard. In MY backyard! Seriously. If the birds or bugs or squirrels or possums or whatever don’t get them first, I am totally looking forward to amazing BLT sandwiches in a few weeks.

How many tomatoes usually grow on a plant, anyway? I have just these two teeny ones so far. :)

We’re also growing herbs, as I mentioned - some cilantro, thyme, parsley, basil, etc. Ele has taken a shine to the cilantro and its long, leafy stems. I told him he could eat one, and after getting used to the taste, he’s been mixing some leaves up with mud for a little fake stew to serve around. And he enunciates each syllable, “Cil-LAAHN-tro”.

So we went to Subway yesterday for lunch, and I ordered each kid a plain ham and cheese sandwich, since neither of them will eat veggies on sandwiches. But as the worker was wrapping them up, Ele stood up on tiptoes, just able to peek over the counter and through the glass, and said,

“Excuse me! Do you have any cil-laahn-tro?”

He got a look of complete confusion in return from the sandwich maker, who didn’t (alas) have cilantro, and I thought I would die from the cuteness. :)

And then, ele wanted some juice yesterday, so I got out the big pitcher with the Crystal Light in it, and he said, “I want to pour it!” Well, even though it’s bigger than he is, almost, it wasn’t very full, so I said ok

I held his cup while he poured it, and he did it perfectly. I said, “Great job, Ele!” and he set the pitcher down, and looked at me proudly, and said “Bow chicka wow wow!”

That of course, is a reference to our collective new favorite YouTube video, Kittens Inspired by Kittens: