Tweetsie Weekend

We got back yesterday afternoon from a long weekend in the mountains of NC. Refreshed, relaxed, and excited to get our birthday celebration underway! :D

We spent Saturday at the Tweetsie Railroad. We rode Thomas the Tank, who was attached to the regular locomotive, and since our ride time was 9 a.m. we were there WAY before any crowds, and spent almost 2 hours just hopping on anything we wanted to ride. (is it me, or is the ferris wheel there REALLY SCARY? I thought I was going to pass out, whizzing through the air on this spindly little thing. *shudder*).

Tweetsie is built around one of the last remaining steam locomotives from the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina railroad, and the engine that pulled us was built in 1917. It was so cool. The park is small enough that we could just relax and take our time exploring.

The kids loved it. We loved it, all except for the part where (wait for it) I forgot my camera. So the only pictures we have of our first visit to Tweetsie are the ones we took on our cell phones (the one above is from their web site). On the plus side, I didn’t lug a camera around. So there’s that. Trying to stay positive. :)

We have loved our visits to the mountains over the past couple months - something about getting away, even just a couple hours away, helps me refocus on what’s most important to me.

I hope you had an awesome weekend, and you’re looking forward to celebrating with us next week!