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What I was GOING to say... but in fewer words

Since it appears that I may not get more than bullet points tonight, let me sum up:

  • Went to the museum on Saturday for the Rest of Elliott’s birthday (celebrated in stages through the week)
  • Between us, I think Jared and I and his parents got Ele the last two remaining planet books on earth that he doesn’t already own.
  • Jared decorated an amazing planet cake with ping-pong ball planets. Genius. And delish.
  • Saturday evening I planted a bunch of new plants in our yard, turning into the most amateur of gardeners, and it’s fun! Ele can even remember the names of his favorite: larkspur.
  • Except that I think I found some poison ivy somewhere - I have a welty, blistery rash on my forearm that itches like a sweet motha. Also a lesser one under my chin (perhaps wiping sweat away?) that isn’t as big and blistery and doesn’t itch quite as bad, but is still QUITE enough itchy for tonight.
  • Cortisone cream seems to be helping some. Til I went and washed the cakey stuff off to reapply. YOW.
  • We are getting ready to announce the plans for the big 2nd birthday celebration over at JessicaSprague.com. LOTS of cool stuff going on. Mark your calendar for June 22-28, and plan to stop by each day to pick up special goodies and see the news! This is gonna be awesome!

Now if the evil Tuesday night gremlins inside my blog will allow me to post pics, I will do so shortly. If you don’t hear from me, assume I’ve been the Tuesday night snack, and they’re coming for you!

Gremlins. Oh, and a great recipe. :)