A Garden! That's right!

On Friday morning, after we had run a bunch of errands, I had a random, wild thought while driving past the Lowe’s hardware. Why don’t we plant a garden?

Oh sure, why not? :)

Sure, I’ve never been able to get anything to grow, ever. But these new plants might not know that, AND we’ll get sprouted plants so they have a fighting chance. :)

So we stopped in at Lowe’s and bought some garden soil, and about 15 plants to put in our dirt.

I don’t have a huge backyard - far from it, and it gets quite a bit of shade, so I chose the sunniest spot back by the sandbox, and the kids and I spent the early afternoon digging holes, mixing in garden soil, and planting our tomatoes and herbs (thyme, oregano, cilantro, basil, parsley, and bee balm). And by “the kids and I”, I mean I). It was hot and sweaty, but I felt pretty darned good. :) And they look so pretty! And it’s not cheating to plant plants that are already plants, is it? I just figure this is probably the best way to keep something alive. :)

I know nothing about gardening whatsoever. So I don’t even know where this idea even came from. But I do know that impatience for plants has paid off - we actually had some of our fresh basil leaves in our dinner last night. Delish!

Ele and I went out yesterday and watered the new plants - this was his favorite part, and he did great, for about 10 minutes.

Then he got distracted:

And even more distracted:

Then he remembered I was sitting on the back steps watching him, and he started to get funny ideas…

That’s when I ran for it.

Good times. :)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have a super-power also? I happen to be a Mosquito Magnet. Jared is almost completely unaffected by mosquitos, but if I step ONE FOOT outside the door, I am covered in bites. In the extra time I’ve been spending outside this weekend, Super Hero Mosquito Magnet is now sporting like 40 bites from head to toe. Itchy. But many mosquitos are laying around my backyard all fat and happy tonight. That has to count for something.

Have you found a really good, reliable mosquito remedy for outdoors? I’d love to hear it.