What a weekend!

I hope you had a rockin’ weekend. I left on Friday for Atlanta, and spent Friday evening prepping for a new style of class I taught at Scrap Etc. I had video homework for everyone to complete and print before the event, and then they brought their prints and we completed the pages together. It was awesome fun! It was so cool to see how much everyone was able to accomplish at home, and then we still had the joy of doing paper scrapping together in a class.

Many thanks to the Scrap Etc. store team, and to the participants. We laughed so much, and had a great time celebrating our craft over NSD. If you went, and you have pics, link us up so we can see! :D

I’m glad to be home, but it is SO GREAT to be hanging out with so many people who get this hobby and its importance.

And I am almost done unpacking, and it’s only Wednesday! LOL