Ok, now I’m starting to get emails - where the heck are you?

I’m here, I’m safe. I’m sound. I’m well. I’m whole.

And I’m sorry for the absence.

Here’s a funny from Monday that I thought of putting up and then somehow the week whirled away from me like a leaf on the wind, and it’s almost Friday!

On Monday afternoon we took advantage of Jared being home for the Memorial Day holiday, and we went over to the Yates Mill pond. Walked on the trails, threw rocks in the pond, had a great time. We definitely weren’t dressed for our split-second decision to walk all the way around the one-mile pond trail, but it was good times anyway:

The humidity rose and rose, and then it kept flashing rain on and off. I’ve never lived in a place that turned rain on and off like a light switch - one of the many things that makes North Carolina so interesting :).

I met some very interesting mushroomy-looking fungus on a tree, that reminded me of beautiful swirling skirts.

I love the stripes on each one - I assume these are growth patterns, but the imagery and texture was stunning. Luckily nobody else was on the trail, to see me crouching on the ground for 10 minutes taking shots of the foot of a tree - my family already knows that sometimes mama just wanders off with her camera, so they just pushed ahead.

I caught back up with them just as the clouds were breaking and we left the depth of the woods. Got really lucky with this shot, which stuns me, and frightens me a bit - look how big this girl is! She is an amazing person, a real person with tons of thoughts and intentions and a true desire to do good and make others happy. My heart squeezes a bit looking at this, though - for the fleeting nature of time. My little-big girl is 5 years old!

And this one - we were heading back over to the bridge that crosses the pond, and it had started sprinkling again. Ele stopped on the trail just like this, head tilted back, and stood in silence, feeling the rain falling on his face. I couldn’t back up fast enough to try for this shot!

And of course it wouldn’t be a Sprague family outing without someone saying something hilarious (or having a pee-pee accident, but luckily for us, it was the first): On the way out to the parking lot, we stopped to look at the map of the pond and the grounds, and we were showing Rowen where we had walked. Elliott looked at the map (Jared had him in his arms) and said, “Where is Disney World on the map?”

“Well, we’re not really anywhere NEAR Disney World, Ele.”

“But where is it on the map?”

So check your map and see if you see Disney - it’s missing from ours.

I’ve been working on a few things over the past couple of weeks, trying to get past a few other things, and generally muddling around. But I came to a decision tonight that I feel really good about, and I can’t wait to share it as the time gets closer. It’ll be awesome! (oh, and FREE! hehe).

And be sure to mark your calendar- is turning TWO YEARS OLD, and we are having a week-long celebration from the 22-27th of June. Oh man, is it going to be GOOD. :D

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, and I’m glad to be back blogging again. :D I feel SO DANG LUCKY. AND SO DANG BLESSED.