Strawberry Goodness

We have been up to our ears in strawberries and LOVING it! :D Here’s a shot of the two boxes we brought home on Friday morning. These are now nestled lovingly in the freezer in the form of strawberry jam.

We have strawberry jam, and did you ever have Fruit Pizza when you were a kid? Jared hadn’t ever had it, but I was able to get really close with this:

I had bought some sugar cookies and buttercream whipped frosting (you know, in the can, but whipped is better) so the kids could decorate some cookies on Friday night for their ‘fun’ thing while we were out on our date. So Saturday morning, we brought home the freshly picked strawberries, and I thought hey, if sprinkles are good, wouldn’t some sliced strawberries be DELISH on these cookies?

And boom. Mini fruit pizza.

So it’s:

  • 1 sugar cookie
  • Spread with buttercream frosting (I like whipped because it’s lighter in texture)
  • 3-4 thin slices of strawberry

Eat. Repeat. Wipe away the tears of utter contentment and joy at having found one of the world’s perfect foods.

When I was younger, our young women group had fruit pizza a couple times. It was basically a version of what I’ve described above: a giant sugar cookie, spread with a cream cheese + honey mixture, and then we would top it with strawberry and kiwi slices, blueberries, and so forth. Cut into slices and eat. It’s awesome for parties, but hey, even with JUST strawberries, and on small cookies, and with storebought frosting, it could be a great make-your-own treat. What am I saying could be? It WAS. Oh yes. It was.

And then tonight we had some friends over for homemade strawberry ice cream. Which really, has to rank right up there with the mini fruit pizza, and I’m seeing a strawberry trend here among the world’s perfect foods. It has just 6 ingredients, and three of them are heavy cream, whole milk, and sugar. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong when a recipe starts like that, right? The other three, for the record, are vanilla, strawberries, and the Secret Ingredient: Fresh lemon juice.

It was declared a success all around, except that Rowen shared a bite with our friend Small M- who is allergic to milk, and her parents had to come to the rescue with some Benadryl. Eep! So all were warned that while sharing is awesome! and nice! and you should always share! just don’t share your ice cream with the girl who breaks out in hives. Ok? Ok.

It was a terrific evening - we lit the fire pit, and had fun even despite our sorry faux grocery-store logs. If anyone lives local to Raleigh and has a good source for firewood, please let me know, ok? Seriously, we are sad with our logs that “Burn Like Real Wood!” and are wrapped in paper like no log should ever be.

And while I know that strawberries are nature’s candy, and are supposedly amazingly healthy, we’ve diminished that somewhat by combining them over this past week with sugar, frosting, cookies, and heavy cream. Naughty. But SO nice.