Only Thinking in Bullet-points So Far Today

ok. Must recap.

  • Last Friday Ele and I went with Rowen’s preschool class to a cute little farm to pick strawberries. We had decided we were going to make jam, so we picked about 10 pounds. If you’re a local, check out Buckwheat Farm here - they say they’ll be open through the first week of June.
  • I spent Friday afternoon making strawberry freezer jam. Ele helped me wash the berries, and he helped himself to a couple dozen of them as well. There are FEW things, I think, that rival the intensity of flavor from a perfectly ripe strawberry fresh off the vine. WOW. KABOOM. I got about 20 pints of jam, too! Wee!
  • (By the way, if *I* can make jam, anyone can - you only need some fruit, some sugar - a LOT of sugar - and some fruit pectin, and you will never eat storebought jam again)
  • Jared came home on Friday night, and decided he needed to experience picking a strawberry right off its plant (and since I had chopped all the berries, he wanted to taste a whole one), so we decided to go back for more on Saturday. Hehe
  • Friday night, Jared and I went on a DATE. Yes, that needs to be in caps, because it happens so rarely. We went out to eat(!) with no kids (!), and then we went to see Star Trek. Yeah, that is pretty much the only movie that could get us out of the house for an evening together.
  • Star Trek was awesome. We got there 15 mins before the movie started, and the theater was packed. We ended up in the 4th row, which is WAY too close for this particular movie.
  • The popcorn was delicious. Curse you, delicious buttery movie popcorn!
  • On Saturday we went back to the strawberry farm and picked more berries. We will be making strawberry ice cream tomorrow night with some friends. My grandpa’s recipe. :)
  • Yesterday was great - so relaxing, Jared and the kids brought me breakfast in bed (and then I had to hurry and get ready at 8:30 to be at church by 9), and then I got the whole afternoon to just relax. It was great.
  • I hope your Mother’s Day was awesome. Mamas deserve more than one day a year, methinks, but it’s a start, at least.
  • Here is a copy of a talk I gave last year at Mother’s Day. I feel like this might help someone out there, so I’m posting it again. Mother’s Day Talk.
  • This morning, I’m having trouble getting rolling in the right direction. I feel like I can only think in bullet points yet. But hopefully the rain lets up a bit and we can go outside and feel some wind on our faces. And I do have some pics from the weekend events.