de Blob seems to be a trend here...

Wow! And all of a sudden it’s 11:30 on a Tuesday night. Seriously. Where does the time go?

Yesterday, the kids had a massive mudfest on the side of the house. I went inside for FIVE MINUTES, I swear, and suddenly my neighbor was looking in the door and saying, “Your kids are outside splattering mud all over the side of your house.” Turns out they had turned on the faucet to the rainbarrel, made themselves a mud hole, and were flinging handfuls of it all over the side of the house. I figured I had enough muddy pics of them, and frankly was kind of embarrassed with my neighbor there, so I hustled them inside to the tub.

Then last night we unpacked from our mountain weekend, and played Wii Blob for family night.

There is something seriously addicting about this game! First off, you get to be this rolling paint guy (de Blob - clever!). And you get to smash paint “bots” and drench yourself in paint, and then spread the paint all over the sides of the bulidings…


I totally think my kids were playing Blob outside in the mud! I’ll have to ask them. I know Rowen has been drawing lots of Blob pictures lately. The beauty of this game is that it’s a FUN thing to do with the kids that doesn’t involve beating things up, or fighting or killing. Only spreading paint. Something my kids are seriously good at already.

Here is the layout I made from that day, which appeared in Computer Tricks 3:

Click for larger.

I did get a little bit of photographic evidence there of my kids and their Blob tendencies. And you know what? Dirt washes off.. (ahem.. PAINT on the other hand.. is still on my front porch 6 months later…) it was mainly more the peer pressure / mama humiliation I felt, isn’t that weird? But the kids love getting dirty AND getting clean, so all was well. And there is something incredibly DELICOUS about clean kid hair. Both of them have this wonderful fine straight blonde hair that is so beautiful clean and combed, I sometimes just hold them on my lap and bury my face in it and inhale. One of those things I treasure about being a mama. Truly.

What do you treasure? What little bits of sight or sound or sense will you keep with you no matter what?