Midafternoon laaag

So I was up recording and editing introductions for the new self-paced versions of Now We’re Rockin’ and Digi: In Deep (plus a new bonus class going live on Monday) until 4 a.m. Nice. But I had momentum, and a system going, and all the programs open and was cracking through them (in total, I did 27 clips last night - awhoa) and that’s a pretty powerful thing.

And I got done, and that’s a pretty powerful thing, too. Hehe. So I will have MUCH less to do on Sunday night/ early Monday morning when we get home from our weekend in the mountains, before we launch the classes sometime on Monday.

The only bad part is that here it is, inside my 2-5 p.m. midafternoon lag window, which in the best of circumstances is hard to push through, and I am sitting here in the quiet house (kids are in ther rooms for quiet time), with the sun shining in the window, and I can actually FEEL my bed calling me.

Just a little rest, it says. I know how you love an afternoon nap, it says. And after all, it says, your head is already here, right?

Curse you, comfy pillows! I am powerless to resist you.

I will post pics of the weekend as it unfolds. We’re planning to leave right when Jared gets home. :)