Finds, and {i}NSD!

What a difference the right chair makes! I LOVED the way the Humanscale Freedom chair felt in the store, but when I got it home and started working, I felt like I was leaning back too far, so I ended up hunching forward and leaning my elbow on my desk. My back was KILLING me after only a couple hours. Well, that was NEVER going to work.

So we headed back to the Healthy Back store on Saturday, and they showed me the Zody. It actually has a lever that will lock it into what Jared calls Turbo mode. LOL. VERY upright. Totally adjustable, and I can type like crazy and work for hours and my chair doesn’t fall away from me as I’m trying to sit up in Turbo Mode. I got the foot rest too, so I can rest elbows on the armrests and still type, and I’m high enough off the ground that my feet don’t actually touch the floor. Hehe. But three days in, and I have definitely found my chair. Aaahhh.

And speaking of finds.

Target has these SUPER cute ottomans. Little tufted cubes, and they had a black flourishy design on them. I couldn’t resist. So I went in for a bottle of soda and came out with $270 worth of ottomans and a couple of skirts, a new dress for Rowen, and So Forth. Ah Target. Love you and Curse you.

I have discovered a source for cute simple t-shirts, though! It seems I can never find shirts with a flattering sleeve length - I am of the opinion that cap sleeves just flat-out don’t work for many people. Me most definitely included. ;)

So this one from Downeast Basics has won my heart with its half sleeve:

There’s also a v-neck.

Lots of colors. I am now the owner of pink, red, and blue in the round neck, and green in the V. :) Part of me thinks basics might be a little boring. But hey, GOOD basics that make you feel good and hide your arm-flaps AND come in an array of hues, AND that you can throw in the washer and dryer? Sign me up. :)

I’m leaving on Friday morning for the Scrap Etc. event in Atlanta. Teaching a class I’ve never taught before - with hybrid homework beforehand and putting the layouts together in class. I can’t wait! I’ve been getting emails from the adventurous ladies who are trying Photoshop for the first time, and it’s SO COOL. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with scrappers for the National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday. :)

Also this weekend, is International Scrapbooking Weekend. ;) We are having a party over at, with two new free classes, goodies, a sale, chats, all kinds o’ stuff.

Here’s the flyer:

And click here for all the info! Hope to see you in the live chat tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.m. for the kickoff!