In which mama is waving beneath a ceiling fan

Coming back from being away for more than two days always means needing time to sit and say, “Now what was I doing, again?” And I think while the mental break is awesome, and so, SO necessary, turning all the tendrils of thought back on, the oh yeah, I need to do that, and THAT, and email them, and what about this, and oh CRAP I forgot about that one. Yeah. That’s what today was. Tomorrow I’ll be back in full blown task mode. But today, I’m trailing just a bit of the bliss of a quiet weekend with the fam, and easing back on in.

And we always have our “Nighttime Steps” to look forward to - our evenings are very structured to keep everyone sane. First is baths (tonight Rowen pretended they were both superheroes. She was Water Woman and he was Bubble Man, out solving Bubble problems!), then PJ’s, then we have Scripture Step, then Prayer Step, then Fall Down step, in which each parent takes up a kid, and hugs them, and then says, “Whoa, whoa whoa!” As we all fall down in a heap on someone’s bed. Then it’s a mad ticklefest that mama always wins. ;) Then it is Brush Teeth step, then Drink Step, then Closed Door time, during which is Art Step for Rowen. She can leave her light on and work on her artwork for a few minutes before reading a story and getting tucked in. So today’s What Was I Doing Again day was made a LOT better tonight when Rowen came in with this picture she had drawn:

I had asked her to draw a picture of me in the office. The big thing in the middle is the window, and above it is the ceiling fan. Perspective drawing! Yeah! I made the mistake of thinking that was the sun, but no way, man. Suns aren’t grey (she says to me disparagingly), THAT is the ceiling fan!

And I’m the one on the left, with the brown hair and green eyes, and I am working on my monitor there, and I’m waving my hand (see the motion of me waving?).

Next to me on the right is Daddy, who has no hair, and also three monitors, and is also waving. And in the corner, is the floor lamp (more perspective drawing).

I asked her if I could post this on my blog, and she lit up! Yeah! So I showed her how when I scan it in, the scanner takes a picture of it, and puts it on the computer. She disappeared, and returned with a BIG STACK of her other drawings. “Here mama, do these on the scanner and put them on your blog too.”

Love it!

Nothing like the Steps and some Genius artwork to get us back on the right foot. :D