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We headed back up to the mountains this weekend, staying in Boone, NC for a couple of days. I packed really fast on Friday and we drove over to spring Jared from work an hour early (hehe). He was really surprised when I called him and said, come down! We’re waiting for you in the parking lot! :D

The drive over (almost straight west from us, about 3 1/2 hours) is SO beautiful. Climbing almost 4000 feet in elevation (and 2000 in the last hour) it was really interesting to see spring making its way further up the mountains, almost as we drove. I think my favorite color is New Leaf. You know those brand new little leaves that are that light, bright green color? It’s the color of “HOORAY!”, and I don’t know how else to describe it.

This weekend we did a driving tour of Seven Devils, Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain, and Valle Crucis. The first three are pretty resort-ish, all around tubing or skiing, and Valle Crucis is a valley that lies kind of in between them. Amazingly beautiful, even without the New Leaves shouting HOORAY there yet. Lots of bright-green meadows with animals grazing among the rocky outcrops, and the tree-covered hills rising on all sides. It’s a type of land I’ve never seen before I moved here, and it’s so beautiful.

We visited the Original Mast Store, in Valle Crucis, which opened in 1883. The store was awesome, creaky floorboards and all.We bought strawberry rhubarb jam. It seemed the thing to do. We also bought Sassafrass flavored candy, which wasn’t as delicious as its name is - fainly root-beerish, and faintly licorice.

We braved a hotel room, and we are beginning to appreciate the power of the headrest DVD players. I know people used to take road trips without them. I know *I* took TONS of road trips without them. But I can’t imagine how. In fact, there were several moments of almost complete BLISS as Elliott watched one DVD, with his too-large headphones resting on his cheeks instead of his ears, and Rowen watched her own DVD (Short Circut, what else?), laughing loudly at all the funny parts, while Jared and I sat in the front and listened to an audio book as we drove. AHHH.

Three and a half hours is a very decent weekend getaway, and my favorite thing about it, is that even though we had internet access, the different location helped me stop thinking about work and the web site for a little while, and just appreciate being in the bright crisp air (okay, and also the cloudy rainy air of Sunday), together with my little family. What a blessing.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Did you do anything fun?



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