Happy April!

We’re in that bizarre Springtime where NC can’t decide if it is Downpour season or a Perfect Cloudless That’s-Why-You-Moved-Here day, and so for the past 2 weeks has mostly hovered someplace in between, flashing back and forth. Jared’s allergies (like yesterday when he forgot to take his Zyrtec) go completely nuts about once an hour in response. And I have never in all my life heard a sneeze as… robust as Jared sneezes. You know those cartoons where someone gets into the pepper and sneezes hard enough to blow the roof off the cartoon house? That’s about like it.

He celebrated the big 32 yesterday. I took him to breakfast, and then surprised him by buying him a chair. Romantic, no? We drove to the Healthy Back store in Raleigh, and he sat on all 20+ chairs in the store to get the perfect one. And they let us take the built one home, extra bonus!

But it’s not just any chair. Headrest. Mesh back. Memory-foam seat. These are the chairs you keep for 10 years or more. :) We ended up getting this one. He looks like a jet pilot sitting at his desk now, and it is awesome. He loved the surprise, too! Apparently food is not the only quick way to a geek’s heart. And it just occured to me that if I wanted us to go to bed earlier, enabling him to sit for HOURS on end playing WOW is perhaps not the best way. I don’t know what my excuse is, though! I do most of my best work after 10 p.m. for some reason. Afternoons are pretty much a total loss for me. Am I the only one who has an energy lag from like 2-5 p.m. every day?

I also bought a blank cake (frosted in tie-dye blue) from the grocery store, and some gel icing tubes, and let the kids decorate Jared’s cake. I probably shouldn’t have bought the black icing tube, since Ele used the whole thing to create a massive unappetizing blob in the bottom corner, but man, did he have fun doing it. I passed out 16 candles to each kid and let them put them in the cake, and then hurried to light them all while the kids went to get him.


We sang “Happy Birthday” as loudly as we could (loud is almost as good as good, right?), and then Rowen helped him blow out the candles, and we cut right in.

Rowen’s favorite part? The frosting. I’m of the opinion that cake is best with just an eence of frosting. She was happy to spread mine on her cake, and kept nibbling bits of frosting off the cake until we got too grossed out by the pure-frosting madness, and put it away.

Of course, our party was at 5, and THEN we had dinner at 7, put the kids to bed, and Jared went up to his new Command Center and played WOW until 2 a.m. :)

I don’t know why, but we’ve been staying up SO late for the past week. Even when we’re finished working or surfing or answering emails or whatever, I still go in to bed and it’s 2 a.m. and I read. And Jared goes downstairs and watches an episode of BlackAdder. No idea why we’ve taken this sudden nocturnal turn, but after yet another super-late night I am totally groggy this morning.

Good thing I’m re-recording a bunch of introductions to the digi classes today in preps for turning them self-paced! Who knows what might slip in there. heh. Hello, morning voice.

We’re also heading to the mountains this weekend, just for a little getaway. We are going to Boone, and will be touring the countryside in that direction, which we hear (mostly from people who are unfamiliar with the Rocky Mountains where I grew up, or the Cascades, where Jared grew up) is very rugged. Mainly we are going to test out whether the awesome Driving and Staying in a Hotel experience we had with our kids at Disney was a total fluke, or whether we could be on to something.