Happy Easter!

We totally took it easy this weekend. It was great! You might remember that I bought Jared a new office chair for his birthday. Well.. in the process of him choosing his chair, I had the chance to sit in ALL of the chairs at the store myself. And totally fell in love with the Humanscale Freedom chair. Ten days later, after sitting in my way-more-uncomfortable-than-I’d-ever-noticed old chair, I decided to take the kids up with me and get one.

Jared says it looks like an exoskeleton. LOL. It’s definitely one you love or hate right away, since its main feature is the fact that there are so few adjustments on it. There’s a seat height, armrest height, armest in-out, seat back height, and headrest height. Everything else just adapts to your weight and movements. Also, the headrest on an office chair is possibly the coolest thing ever invented.

We stopped at the Nice Mall in Raleigh, to walk around a bit, and stumbled on the Build-a-Bear workshop! Hey! Cool!

The kids had never seen anything like this, so we headed in to make ourselves a new cuddly friend.

Rowen, who has been making some interesting statements lately about which toys are “for girls” and which are “for boys”, chose Hello Kitty, because she’s for girls. She actually picked out a Hello Kitty toothbrush INSTEAD OF WALL-E at Target this week. Crazy talk, I tell you.

Clearly, Ele has no qualms in the area of gender-specific toys. He has, however, expanded his horizons slightly beyond planets to include SOME living creatures. Namely, cats. And a good thing, too - build-a-bear was fresh out of stuffable replicas of Uranus.

After picking out our “skins” - which was only very slightly creepy (to me - the kids loved it), we stood in line for the stuffings. In addition to the red “I Love You” heart, Build-a-bear is holding an April promotion, selling purple hearts, and donating the proceeds to Autism Speaks. So each kid got to put two hearts in their cuddly friends, and then they were stuffed and sewn.

We headed over to the clothes, and Ele picked out a hoodie, khaki shorts, and sandals for his kitty, and Rowen picked out underpants (which she found HILARIOUS), a pink sundress, and pick sparkly crocs for her Hello Kitty.

Then we named them at the computers - No surprise here: Rowen - who is always very literal - named hers Hello Kitty. And Elliott, who can never get very far from something space, named his kitty Planet Loves. Yeah.

So our Easter present was two new cuddly friends. :)

Today we hid plastic eggs with chocolate in them, and the kids raced around finding them. We finished out the night with a firepit, bathed the kids, and I think now at 11:00 p.m. they are FINALLY falling asleep. Sometimes Elliott just can’t calm down, and he’s up and out of his door literally every five minutes for two hours or more. NO IDEA. But it is very frustrating to two tired parents who just want a little peace and quiet.

AAAAND he just came out again. CREEEEAAAAAKKKK goes his door, and this tiny voice, “Daddy?” And we say, “Go to bed, Elliott.” and he says, “But, But, I….” and then whatever it was he was going to say. It’s like we’re reading from a script. Someday, I will look back on the small voice with fondness, and I will sigh and say, here was a boy who just didn’t like to be alone. He has told us as much. He likes to be wherever the people are.


There was a wonderful talk given in church today, that was all about Easter being the celebration, not only of the Resurrection of the Lord, but also of Overcoming in general. How can anything have a permanent victory over us, if the grave does not? How can anything sting too badly or for too long, when death has lost its own sting through the Victory of Christ? Everything, EVERYTHING can be overcome, and that hope and brightness is the celebration of Easter.

I love that it’s springtime around here - I don’t think the metaphors of rebirth, new growth, and blooming are an accident. We thankfully didn’t manage to kill all the plants that were planted last May as part of the backyard remodel. So we have azalea, phlox, some random white ones, a maple tree, a peach tree, and the Other Red Tree all blooming/leafed-out in the last week, and it is AWESOME. We are so excited to have a backyard to spend the spring in this year.

Our old backyard was scary. I didn’t like to go back there, on the deck with warped boards and rusted nails popping out and Who Knows What living under it. Into the yard that was mostly dirt, and pine needles, with our playset that had seen better days and had a broken rung on the ladder.

Tonight, we sat out on our patio, on the wall around the firepit, and just enjoyed it together. Really relished the larger backyard (we had a really RANDOM double-fence across the back that was eating up a bunch of space - removed at the remodel), the crackling fire, the heat radiating out of the hot coals, as the sun went down and the world darkened. It is our favorite place to be (well, aside from the office, which will always be our #1 hehe). You can see some shots of the firepit and the playset (at opposite ends of the yard) in this video here:

Click here for the Scrapbook Alchemy introduction video.

Here’s to spring, and to Overcoming! Happy Easter!