Welcome to my blog! I write, and take photos, and use Photoshop every day. I love learning and surprises and my sweet family and being a transplanted southerner.


We got home late last night from the longest vacation my family has ever taken. I had an ENTIRE WEEK to play, and sleep (sorta ;)), and laugh, and celebrate, and take photos, and eat junk food, and hang out with my parents (we hadn’t seen them in more than a year).

We had been worried about the drive and our two small kids. But it went fine. We had been worried about not getting any sleep sharing a hotel room with them. But they crashed out at the end of every day. We had packed for 70-80 degree weather and shivered our way through 45 and rainy for the first three days, but the opportunity to buy everyone a Disney sweatshirt was fine! :)

In short, it was awesome. Memories to last a lifetime. I thnk what I loved best, was that Disney World offered something that was perfect for every person in our family. There were parts my dad and Jared loved best (namely: fast roller coasters, Mission Space and the Indiana Jones stunt show - I was an extra!), parts my mom loved best (namely: the safari ride in Animal Kingdom, and swimming every day), parts my kids loved best (EVERYTHING! fireworks! getting squirted with water in Adventureland! walking through the Swiss Family Treehouse, and getting popcorn as a snack every day). I found out that Rowen is a rollercoaster girl, and that I am a total lightweight. And of course, the BEST part was spending so many days where simply being with my family was the priority.

I have a huge amount of email and catch-up work to do. I will be doing that today and tomorrow. Right now, picture me standing in a pile of unpacked clothes, slowly turning circles and wondering where to start. :)

More later! I will use the blog to recap and make sure I remember some of the great details.

Here’s one, before I forget:

We stopped on the Georgia border at a rest area for lunch. We were unpacking the coolers, and Ele got out and looked around at all the picnic tables and trees. He shouted, “Is this DISNEY WORLD??” hehe.

Oh, little did he know.

1537. And Disney Recap, Day 1.

Happy Monday! Disney Tips?