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Unexpected Side Trip

Today was mostly one of those laid back days - after naptime we got out glitter and glue and paper and played with GLITTER. That’s right. I am a rockstar to my kids now. :) And leftover pizza for dinner! Seriously. Luckies.

But Elliott has had a cough all day today, and a runny nose. Nothing we haven’t seen before, right? But what we really hadn’t seen before was this wheezing that started as we were getting ready for bed. He was having some real difficulty breathing, so after a quick Google, I decided to take him to the ER. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before, so it was really weird to start all of a sudden, and frankly, really scary there for a bit. I had a cousin die from an asthma attack when I was little, so this isn’t something I was ready to mess around with. Also, the ER is like 3 blocks away, so it was a pretty easy decision.

We got there, checked in, and they called right back to send someone out to listen to him. Of course he was like a mini-celebrity there. He can be such a charmer. ;) We got right in, and the doctor listened to him, and gave him a breathing treatment, which really helped calm his breathing down. He was quite impressed with the ability to watch a TV hung on the wall that only played Noggin (as far as he was concerned, anyway), and that he could control the volume himself. The chest x-ray (he was the teeny hero in the wheelchair down to Radiology) was clear, so they gave him an inhaler with this chamber thing in the front, that we have to use every 6 hours for a few days, and some steroids.He was doing a lot better when they released us, no wheezing.

Overall, he did awesome. He was so calm, and part of me thinks that it’s because he wasn’t feeling well. The doctor said it could be allergies or possibly a virus, but to follow up. I don’t know. Does asthma come on all of a sudden? We would have seen this before now, right? Now this little part of me wants to go bust out the baby monitors again, or sneak in and check on him every hour. I’m just so grateful that we live in a place where you can take the people you love any time of night or day when you’re really worried about them. And grateful for the total champion nurses, doctors, and staff who make that possible. If you are one of those, THANK YOU, from one grateful mama.

Ele on his way to X-ray

Such an interesting week!