Such an interesting week!

What a week!

Mainly one of regrouping, laying low, hanging out at Monkey Joe’s with the kids, playing Wii darts, knocking small things off of the task list, and really relishing the ability to simply ebb for a little while. So nice. And one of seeing a few frankly miraculous things happen in my life and going huh. See what happens when you put out the call - the call is answered, bigtime.

And your comments, and emails? The offers of support and help - I feel so incredibly blessed, and I’ve felt so peaceful this week, knowing that whatever else, it is going to be ok. A few very specific things came about this week with regards to our team, which I will share as the time goes on, but I know it is going to be ok. :)

So thank you. So many of you emailed me or posted in the comments things like, “I know you don’t know me… ” and then went on to offer friendship and stories and hope. I read them all. I appreciate them all, and in a small way, at least, I think we all know each other. At least, so much of our experience, with love and heartache and confusion and stress is so common. It is so comforting, though.

I only hope, as I sit here humbled, and frankly, a little misty - that I can find a way to pay this love forward.

We ordered pizza tonight, and lit our firepit for the first time this year (the days have been warming here as the days themselves have gotten longer - and suddenly BOOM - it’s spring!), and then we played our new Wii music game with the kids. Elliott completely rocks as a drummer, and Rowen was amazing on guitar. And the handbells? Yeah, I can play a mean Do Re Mi on the handbells, let me tell you. ;)

Schedule + Announcements

As for the specifics of what’s happening with the class schedule, there are some really cool things coming up! Here it is, in overview:

  • Scrapbook Alchemy premiers on March 30! We will release the first four episodes at that time. Scrapbook Alchemy will be a combination of digital techniques (the same video-based format as my digital classes), all directly geared toward creating a printable project that will combine with paper techniques. The paper-scrapbook video will then show how to put the project together. Think Rachel Ray and her 30-minute meals. ;) Look for class descriptions and project photos to go up over the weekend, and get ready for some AWESOME hybrid instruction. I can’t wait for this!
  • The Now We’re Rockin’ and Digi: In Deep classes will go self-paced on April 6. All of the course material, including anything in the daily emails, will be instantly available as soon as you register for these classes. You’ll also have permanent access to a class forum which will be monitored by myself and my TA’s.
  • Candice Stringham will be offering a brand-new instructor-led class on Portrait Photography. This four-week intermediate-level class will help you dramatically improve your portraiture skills. Portraits are Candice’s photography specialty, and I can’t wait for this class! :D Registration date will be April 27, and class will run the month of May. Class size will be limited, but we are working on some systems that will ease the troubles we’ve had with so many people wanting to register for Candice’s classes.
  • Registration for Type+Writer will be on April 27 as well. This two-week instructor-led class focuses on journaling, and on adding our journaled thoughts to scrapbook pages using digital templates and typography.
  • I’m launching a new self-paced photo editing class - the second in the series - on May 4. This class will be called Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects, and will focus on all the really cool decorative things you can do with your photos, including color effects, textures, brushes, frames, masks, and lots more!


I’m for bed. But I just want to say, one more time, thank you. For your patience, and your unwavering support of me, and our little venture at, and for understanding so beautifully. I know that we arrive on earth in families, neighborhoods, communities, and now the powerful worldwide, online community, for a reason: to support each other in our quest to find answers and to do our best.

Many hugs and much love, my friends.