1537. And Disney Recap, Day 1.


I just imported all my photos (dumped onto the laptop from my 8 GB memory card TWICE during the trip), and it turns out that I took 1537 photos during our week at Disney. I wonder if anyone actually saw my face without a camera stuck to it. Or if I actually saw any of the sights with my own eyes, rather than through the viewfinder? I actually can’t remember.

But the pics look really good at first pass here. I will definitely end up with a couple hundred very decent ones. Lots of blurry ah-you-moved-ah-I-can’t-figure-out-this-new-lens shots in there, too, of course.


Sunday, Day 1: Epcot

I think this was the kids’ first time on a public-type bus. Ele was very intent about holding on.

Did I mention that it was pouring rain when we got there? And it was about 45 degrees? The 15 people you can see in this shot were the ONLY 15 PEOPLE THERE until about 3 p.m. Aside from the fact that Jared and I hadn’t even packed a sweatshirt, it was awesome.

We hit up Spaceship Earth, which the kids both LOVED, and my dad and I (who shared a car) learned that in the future, we will both be thin and angular, and a robot will pick us up to vacuum under us while our smart closet chooses clothes for the day. Neat. :)

We then went over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends, did the ride with no wait(!), wandered the aquarium, laughed hilariously at “Bruce’s Sub House” (my dad’s name is Bruce, and we have laughed since Nemo came out that he’s forever immortalized by Disney in the form of a giant off-the-wagon vegetarian shark) while the kids got their photo in Bruce’s mouth (the shark, not my dad).

We also stopped in for the Turtle Talk with Crush, which I highly recommend. It’s interactive, so Crush actually talks to the kids in the front, while the grownups (at least the software engineers on MY particular trip) try to figure out how exactly the guy controlling him was able to make all the cool facial and body expressions to match his live responses. Hehe. Very entertaining all around.

We slipped outside for the 15 minutes of sunshine.

We went over to the Land pavilion and grabbed lunch, and then did the Living with the Land boat ride. It was a stupid name for an AWESOME ride. The kids loved the boat part, and we loved that it had this great Willy Wonka vibe to it, AND all their really cool advances in horticulture. Like the Nine Pound Lemon (they said it could make 2 pitchers of lemonade, hehe), and the aeroponic lab (where the plants are all hanging with their roots dangling down, circulating through a sprayer which keeps them wet) was so cool. Totally my kind of nerdy garden.

While we waited for our Soarin’ FastPass time, we got a popsicle and hit up the Journey into Imagination. The kids played for a long time in the music lab, where you could jump on squares to add lights and instrumentals to a soundtrack that was playing overhead.

We went to Soarin’. Wow. I am afraid of heights and have regular dreams about falling. This was not the ride for me. But Rowen, Jared, and my dad LOVED it. Ele had to stay out because he is not a 40-incher (a word that became part of our vocabulary during the week), and instead showed us how exhausted he was by totally crashing out in my lap while we waited for Jared and my dad to ride Soarin’ again. I totally recommend going up to the person looking at the times on your FastPass and telling them you need to exchange parents so you can both ride. He gave us a separate ticket that got everyone in twice who wanted to go. Turns out that was, indeed, only Jared and my dad. Mom and I got enough of our feet dangling in the Pacific Ocean and almost brushing treetops in that first experience through, thankyouverymuch.

Then, with Ele still asleep, we went to our dinner reservation at the Garden Grill. Food was ok. Restaurant rotates, which was awesome. And we met Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Mickey. And did I mention that Ele was stil asleep? We put him in one of those wheeled baby recliners offered to us when we sat down and he slept through almost all of dinner. See, Ele is not the most cheerful of kids when you wake him up. So we figured, he will not care about this as much as he cares about getting some nice restful sleep.

Rowen LOVED meeting her very first character, who happened to be Pluto! (Also, the light in the restaurant was really bad. Strategy: turn everything black and white and people think it’s just artistic. ;))

Ele woke up as we were eating dessert, and just as we guessed, started causing commotion. So we left, and headed for the boat that would take us across to the world showcase. By this point it was cold and grey, but it had stopped raining. We took the opportunity to get a quick pic.


So when people had explained Epcot to us before, they were like, so there’s this part in the front that’s pretty fun, and then this part in the back behind the lake that is.. kinda boring, with these country things like a world’s fair… and then they would move on to tell us some more interesting part of some other place.

So we were prepared for the worst.

Turns out, the country showcase was AWESOME. Are we nerds or what? Each country had exhibits, shops, restaurants, and of course was staffed by folks FROM that country, which was so cool. My dad served a mission in Japan, so we headed there first, hit the really cool Japanese gift shop, and looked around at the traditional architecture. And persuaded my dad to stand for a picture, which is rare. But being the good scrapbooker that I am, I wouldn’t take no for an answer. If you are vacationing with a non-photo person, DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.  *off soapbox*

It was getting DARK. And COLD. So we rounded the lake, stumbled into Norway, and ended up riding the Maelstrom ride, which was SO cool! No wait, again, because it was dark and windy and about 40 degrees.

We bailed out at about 7:30 p.m. because even the Idahoans were getting chilly. That’s when you know it is cold.

On the bus on the way back to the hotel (we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside), we asked the kids what their favorite part was. A resounding, “The BUS!” from both of them. *sigh* But Spaceship Earth was a close second, so it wasn’t a total loss.