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So, TODAY we announced the grand opening of the Shop at the Spraground. We’re so excited about this! I will be offering digital templates, and my dear friend Liv will be offering kits and other digital Bits & Pieces for your scrapping delight and enjoyment. :)

For today’s tutorial (which I must admit has been a long time coming) I wanted to share with you a very cool secret for taking advantage of my Templates “Plus”! What is the plus, you might ask?

Each of my templates has two pluses (wow, that looks like a weird word - is that even right?).

  1. The first is a great time-saver. Each clippable layer in the template has a little + right in front of the layer name in the Layers palette. This helps distinguish it from layers that make up the framework of the page, rather than the areas that are designed for papers and photos. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes when you’re managing all those template layers. I actually hope this trend catches on among template designers, and everyone starts offering a + before clippable layers. Seriously.
  2. The second is a stash-builder. Each of my templates comes with several embellishments that complete the page, including journaling blocks, brads, ribbons, alphabets, tags, overlays, photo mats, all kinds of stuff. Each template has a unique set of them, and while they look AWESOME on that single page, the BEST PART is that you can re-use those embellishments over and over again on tons of different pages.

Today’s tutorial helps with #2. The best way to actually guarantee that you’ll USE the embellishments I include in the templates is to pull them out into their own .png files and save them off, tag them in your organization software, and simply add them in to your stash like any other file. You’ll find yourself using the journaling blocks, alphabets, and embellishments in ALL KINDS of places like never before.

Ready to get started? This is a cool trick! ;)

Adding Plus-es from Templates to your Scrapping Stash!

 1. First, let’s get a template open. I’ll be using Template #6 for this. You can also find a FREE template AND a free video tutorial for how to use them right over here in my FAQ section.

2. Locate the layer for the embellishment you would like to save off to its own file for using in other pages. Click on it. I clicked on the Heart Embellishment layer here to target it:

3. Now hold down your Ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) while you click on the THUMBNAIL of the layer (not the name). This loads in a selection around the border of that layer, so you should see marching ants going around the embellishment now.

4. Now type Ctrl-c (Cmd-c on Mac) to copy this selection to your computer’s clipboard. This is an important step.

5. Go to File > New > Blank File. You’ll notice that the Preset dropdown is set to Clipboard, and that there are numbers filled in for the height and width of the document. Now you can see why step 4, copying to clipboard was important - you’ll actually create a brand new document of the EXACT size of the embellishment you selected and copied.

6. Before you go ahead and click OK, set the Background dropdown to Transparent. This way you won’t create a white background that you have to either hide or extract later. :)

7. Now click OK to create a new document.

8. With your new document open, now type Ctrl-v (Cmd-v on Mac) to paste your selected embellishment in to this new, perfectly sized document. Now do a little aaaaaahhhh-yeahhhhhh because how much did that rock? :)

9. Now you’re ready to save this file off as a .png file, so you can preserve that lovely transparent background. Go to File > Save As.

10. In the dialog box that comes up, change the Format dropdown to .png. In the File Name dropdown, name the file. I would name this thing after whoever it is that designed the template, so you can provide credits. Click Save.

Now you have a beautiful heart embellishment that you can use on TONS of different pages, that isn’t buried in a template that is somewhere and you can’t remember which one. ;) Don’t ask me how I know this.

I hope this tutorial helps you to take full advantage of all the beautiful EXTRAS that come in my templates, so you can pull them out for adding to your digital stash, and reusing on lots of future pages!

Check out the rest of my Templates+ right here!

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