Okay, so I get this email in my inbox tonight (and if you are wondering, I DO still read and occasionally answer email.. this is another story), and it’s from, who as you probably know is one of my favorite feel-good hangouts on the interwebs. The shoes! The browsing! The multi-view!

I read the email. Mostly it’s a huge picture, which is good, since that’s a quick read, and I learn that they have a BRAND NEW! way to EXPLORE! all the thousands upon thousands of SHOES! (and presumably other things - I haven’t made it past the shoes) all lined up and eager to make their way straight to a loving home like mine.

I click. And SWEET FANCY MOSES! I suddenly heard this sound, that was partly me squealing aloud, and partly angels singing, and partly the sound of many pennies leaving my bank account.

Dang it, Zappos. Why you gotta go and be like this? How many almost-the-same-and-yet-completely-different shoes can one girl have?

(Please don’t answer that last one)

And now, I must go. To click upon, and try to resist, some more shoes.

But srsly. Love these. Do these totally channel BasicGrey or what?

and these beautiful, beautiful (RED) items of loveliness:

Ah yes. I can still believe in the innate goodness of a world where shoes like this exist. And who even knew that The North Face, maker of backpacks, also had shoes of cuteness in them? I ask you.

Check these canvas ones (same mary jane style - seems to be a trend with me):

Okay, your assignment: Dial me up a page I can go check out, that starts out with a cute shoe of YOUR choice up in that top corner. Link in the comments and share the footwear love! :D