Of Play Dates and Furniture and Crystal Light Lemonade

Monday! Wow!

Rowen was home from school today (she has the week off of preschool), and we had our small friend M. (age 2) over to play today, and the kids LOVED it. They were so exicted to have a friend for a play date. At one point, Rowen said, “I love having M. over for a play date! She is sooooo CUTE!” And I agreed. :) We all had a great time playing with toys, digging in the sandbox, chasing in the backyard, playing monster in the closet (in which they all hid in Ele’s closet and I was the monster outside roaring and sticking my fingers under the door, hehe) and eating a snack of bunny grahams and baked tortilla chips and Crystal Light lemonade on the front porch in the sunshine (weather back to a balmy 55ish after the snow of a couple weeks ago - hooray!). Does it get any better than this? Ahhh. :D

We decided it was high time to get the kids some furniture for their rooms (and finally get Rowen’s mattress off the floor, and upgrade Ele from a toddler bed to the official Big Boy Bed), so we ordered beds, headboards, desks and chairs for the kids a couple of weeks ago. Of course we got them from (where else?) Ikea! They arrived last week, were put together over the weekend, and they turned out AWESOME!

We got the Odda headboard and bed frame for each kid (knowing how they like to have books and friends nearby, and the pull-out shelves hidden in the headboard are pure genius! And who can resist those red interiors? ;)

Each kid also got a Jonas desk and a super cool chair so they can do their artwork in their rooms, and WOW. Has that ever been a big hit.

We got them each a new set of markers and a pencil cup, and handed them a stack of paper, and they have spent HOURS since Saturday in their rooms making art. It is the SWEETEST. Tomorrow I will post scans of a couple of the latest creations. It should come as no surprise that Elliott’s creations are mainly of the planet variety, although he has branched into people once or twice. And Rowen’s are mainly of the people and Care Bear and robot variety, all complete with smiling yellow sun in the corner. :)

Of course the day was also filled with checking items off of lists, adding new items, general work-ish-ness. But the morningtime, filled with the laughter of small kids, was the perfect fun start to this otherwise crazy day. :) Priorities, you see. Priorities.

I hope your Monday was awesome.