Happy Monday! Disney Tips?

Happy Monday! :)

Ele and I are hanging out in the office, upstairs as we have been pretty much nonstop since Friday morning, when we woke up and found that we had no heat in the downstairs part of the house (you know, the part with the kitchen, the TV, the living room). We called to have a repairman out, and when he came, he told us that our heater was so old and busted we needed a new one. Ouch. But of course that’s Friday, so we spent quite a chilly weekend running downstairs only to eat, and then hanging out otherwise in the top part of the house, where there’s heat.

So. The new Heat A/C unit is being installed right now.

Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned - we got super-fab discount tickets to Disney World, and since we’ve never been, we decided to do it! We’ll be leaving on Saturday, and meeting my parents there for a week! Any Disney tips and advice? We are so excited, but total, TOTAL (did I mention TOTAL) noobs?

We know only where we are staying, and where we are eating one meal each day. Aside from that, no ideas!

So it’ll be a week preparing to be gone for a week. Whew!

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