Free Class Question, Day 3

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Good morning! Again, I LOVED your responses to this one. I hope this question didn’t cause too much pain and grief for you - it wasn’t my intention. I do think it’s important to remember now and then that our photographic opportunities are often fleeting. Get pictures of the people you love, ok? ;)

Okay, here’s the last question. I’ll draw the winner tonight at midnight! :D

Think of your current stash of photos (digital and scanned) as a whole. All those pics on your computer. What percentage of them do you print, vs. store on your computer without touching vs. post online?

I realize that these categories can overlap - you might post a pic online AND print it. But I would love to get a feel for what percentage of your pics make it out into the physical world in some form, and what pics are kind of digital-for-life? This includes digital layouts that you don’t print, slacka. ;)

And my other question (since you’re here, hehe): Do you print pics from home or get your photos developed somewhere? And if “somewhere” - where most often?

I’l play along with this one, too:

1. Maybe 10% of all the photos I take make it out into the physical world in some form. I take a LOT of pictures.

2. I print everything from home, on my trusty Epson R1900. Typically I will gather several photos onto a letter-sized document and print these onto letter-sized photo paper rather than 4x6 or 5x7 photo paper. Mainly because I like the flexibility of making pics any size I want. (also: I will be showing you how to do this.. ahem.. in a certain class…)


Have a wonderful day! You are awesome! Can’t wait to give away some free stuff tonight! :D


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